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Sour Piss Strain


Sour Piss Strain.


This Sour Piss Strain is known to be a medicinal strain, which carries some serious benefits. Sour Piss strain can be used for pain relief and helps to relieve anxiety and stress. Buy this Sour Piss Strain near me.

Users often experience intense euphoric stimulation followed by deep relaxation and reduced anxiety.

The Sour Piss strain has earthy aroma with sweet hints of sourness, skunky flavor, and earthy aftertaste that lingers on the palate – perfect for any occasion or time of day.

Sour Piss Strain is a popular marijuana strain known for its strong physical effects. The strain is also useful for alleviating pain, stress, and depression. It’s available from SeedSupreme Seed Bank in an easy-to-use format that makes it easy to grow in any environment.

Sour Piss is an indica cannabis strain that has an earthy flavor, with hints of citrus and sourness. This strain has medium THC levels that may be considered a medical grade marijuana.

Sour Piss Strain

Sour Piss effects include relaxation, happiness and a general sense of well being. This strain may help treat cancer, chronic pain, headaches and arthritis.”

Sour Piss strain is a well-known sativa dominant strain that has gained immense popularity over time due to its hybrid quality and deep effects. This strain is often referred to as Sour diesel because of its sour fruit flavor and skunk-like smell.

Sour Piss Strain Effects: Chill you out: Users often experience relaxation and calming effects when using this strain. It produces a mental calmness and one can feel a sense of euphoria, happiness, or joy.

Sour Piss Strain Review:

As mentioned earlier, the Sour Piss strain can be good for beginners who want to try something new and exciting before moving on to more potent strains with higher THC contents.

THC content: 14% Indica or sativa: 50/50 The Sour Piss strain is considered a balanced hybrid that contains both indica and sativa qualities.

Sour Piss Sativa Seeds by Dinafem. Sour Piss cannabis seeds are a feminized cannabis seed line bred by Dinafem. These popular and well-known cannabis seeds have been used worldwide in their homeland since the 1970s, where they grow wild, outdoors or indoors. Its genetics come from the landrace species found in the south of Morocco, where it grows in the deserts of Al Hoceima and Tabernas.

The cannabis plants are short, with large leaves and a high concentration of resin. During flowering, it bears regular dense buds with vivid red shades and thick layers of trichomes that make it glow under UV light.

Sour Piss Strain for sale online near me. Sour Piss is a strain with a very earthy and sour aroma that is said to be very energizing, but at the same time relaxing. The Sour Piss strain may leave you feeling happy and uplifting and it can help those who suffer from depression and stress.

Sour Piss Strain is a cross between Sour Diesel and Super Skunk. This strain is famous for its uplifting high and sweet taste. Sour Piss has an earthy, skunky aroma that’s accompanied by a sour taste. It has a THC content of up to 15%.

Sour Piss is a fun day-time strain with a potent sativa effect. It’s a hybrid strain that leans towards the indica side, but has a unique sativa high.

Sour Piss causes a sour fruity taste in your mouth and makes you feel happy but relaxed at the same time. A great daytime bud for those who are looking to feel uplifted, sociable and motivated. Sour Piss also has many medical uses including stress and depression.

Sour Piss Strain, our truly original Sour Diesel crossed with a Hawaiian landrace strain, finally has taken first place in the “Sour D” category at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa.

Sour Piss Strain for sale today.

enjoy it now! If you’re looking for an indica/sativa hybrid that has a long-lasting high and also will give you an uplifting sensation in your body, then this is the strain to buy!

Sour Piss’s incredibly sour smell is one of the most potent and recognizable of all strains. It’s known for its potency as well, with THC content up to 25%.

This makes Sour Piss a great strain for those looking to get high and relax in a place where they won’t be noticed so easily. Even if you don’t want to smoke it in public, you could use Sour Piss for making vape oils or edibles at home where no one will know what you have going on.

Good stuff to increase appetite, light up your mood and have you feeling everything will be alright. Sour Piss Strain is a classic strain of Cannabis which has been around for decades and is said to have originated in 1970’s San Francisco where it was grown indoors by small time growers who sold their strains in zip lock bags.

It was sold at festivals, fairs and farmer markets and became very popular due to its potency and low price point.

Sour Piss Strain marijuana strain is a potent hybrid cannabis that was created by combining Sour Diesel and the Super Skunk. The name of this marijuana comes from its very strong aroma, sour taste and high THC content.

A super strong hybrid strain, Sour Piss consists of three dominant Indica strains and one Sativa strain. The exact mix of strains that Sour Piss was crossed with is unknown, but the overall effect is a powerful body high with an intense cerebral high.

This strain is popular among those who need a strain that can help suppress nausea or pain while also providing relief from depression or stress in a relaxing way. Sour Piss is commonly used by patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.

Sour Piss Strain is derived from a cross between Jack Herer and the Skunk hybrid. This strain delivers a sweet flavor of berries with a lingering sour finish. Sour Piss is a potent strain that contains 20% THC, an effect that slowly builds over time to induce feelings of mental stimulation.

Sour Piss Strain has a THC content of approx 22%. This Sour Piss strain is found to be good for treating insomnia, stress, chronic pain and nausea.

Sour Piss is a hybrid strain created by crossing Sour Diesel and 3X Kush. It has the sour, citrusy flavor of its namesake plant, Sour Diesel, with a more balanced and energetic high than most other popular cannabis strains.

Originating in the greenhouse environment of Santa Barbara County growers, this hardy strain can thrive under moderate environmental conditions. Its strong scent and yields make it an easy to grow strain that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation

The Sour Piss strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that has inherited genetics from a power packed combination of Sour Diesel and Tahoe OG Kush. Sour Piss Strain flowers in 7 weeks and can yield up to 900 grams per square meter under optimum conditions.

With THC content recorded at 22% this bud will make you fully functional just to be able to roll a blunt, get some work done or just relax.

Sour Piss Strain is a popular cannabis strain from Colorado. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Sour Piss Strain.

Sour Piss strain of cannabis has a strong flavor and aroma, making it good for things like cooking with. Sour Piss weed is great for people who want to enjoy the effects of both sativa and indica strains of marijuana at the same time. Buy Sour Piss strain online today!

Sour Piss Strain is a hybrid strain that balances the effects of its sativa and indica elements to provide users with an invigorating rush of euphoric energy. Sour Piss Strain is a cross between Sour Diesel and Lowryder, two strains with similar effects.

Because it is relatively easy to grow, this strain is preferred by novice growers who want a reliable supply without much effort. This strain offers sweet flavor notes that can be both pungent or subtle, depending on your preference!

Sour Piss Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid of Skunk #1 and Sour Diesel. It creates a strong cerebral rush that eases into a body high that leaves you feeling happy, relaxed and sometimes giggly. Sour Piss has been reported to cause dry mouth, dizziness, paranoia and anxiety when smoked in large doses.

Sour Piss is considered to be one of the best-growing strains of all time by marijuana growers from all over the world. This strain produces an extremely high yield, when grown under the appropriate conditions.

Sour Piss is a classic cannabis strain with its origins tracing back to Hawaii in the early 1970s. The name Sour Piss was given to this strain due to its unique smell that resembles human urine.

Although sour, Sour Piss has a sweet and fruity flavour, with hints of citrus, pine and skunk flavours emerging on exhale. Sour Piss will help you relax your muscles and soothe your mind when used at night time; it may also promote restful sleep if used before bedtime.

Sour Piss Strain effects.

Sour Piss Strain effects are among the strongest that you can get when it comes to a pure indica. Sour Piss is one of those strains that only gives its buds a 9 out of 10 rating.

This powerful strain is perfect for relaxing and getting rid of stress. You will feel an intense body buzz on its own that will leave you feeling more relaxed than ever before.

This medicine is definitely one that you could use any day of the week, but especially on weekends when you have more time to relax.

We offer Sour Piss Strain for sale online from our online dispensary serving the United States. Sour Piss Strain is one of the many cannabis strains we sell online. Buy Sour Piss Strain online near me

The Sour Piss strain of marijuana is a very popular choice for many new or experienced marijuana smokers in America. It is one of the most affordable strains and has a helpful THC content. The Sour Piss strain is also very potent in terms of its effects such as relaxation and euphoria.

The Sour Piss strain provides you with a body high that leaves your whole body relaxed and ready for sleep—it’s true. Check out more information about this strain below!

Sour Piss Strain is a hybrid strain. It has a sweet, fruity aroma and a sour taste with hints of diesel. Sour Piss Strain’s effects are heady and happy, offering an uplifting high that relaxes without sedating. This strain provides relief from pain, stress and depression while enhancing creativity.

Sour Piss is a cannabis strain that is capable of eliciting both relaxing and energizing effects depending upon the dosage. The buds have a strong sour scent and taste, hence the name.

This hybrid strain is an indica-dominant cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It has been reported to relieve conditions such as chronic pain, stress, nausea, loss of appetite, muscle spasms and fatigue.

Sour Piss Strain is a sativa strain that’s been around for years. Sour Piss marijuana has a fun, funky smell and taste, with a hint of fruit.

The Sour Piss strain features a high THC content and offers an energetic creative high that helps you keep your mind focused no matter what you do. This weed strain is perfect for anyone looking for a boost of energy and creativity after work or school.

Sour Piss strain is a great daytime strain that is ideal for those who suffer from depression. When I am dealing with stress it helps me calm down and deal with the situation instead of becoming anxious. This is also a great strain for mental fatigue and lack of focus.

As for the physical effects, Sour Piss gets me moving but without making me feel lethargic or jittery. It feels as though it’s helping balance my endocannabinoid system and restore homeostasis so I can be at my best mentally and physically!

Sour Piss Strain review. Sour Piss Strain is a great combination of sour diesel, skunk and a bit of sativa. A great combination of effects and flavors to please any smoker.

The Sour Piss strain is a hybrid cannabis plant that is famous for having an intense sour and citrusy aroma with a slight fuel undertone.

It is very high in THC (22%+) and low in CBD. Some consumers report that the Sour Piss strain is mildly mentally sedative and physically relaxing, relieving some aches and pains. Sour Piss has been reported to help with anxiety and sleep disorders.

Sour Piss is an indica dominant strain that has been cross-bred to combine New York Sour Diesel, mostly Sativa with Female Cannabis plants.

This strain is well known for its uplifting effects and can put a smile on your face. Sour Piss is great for stress relief and mental anxiety.

Sour Piss is a heavy hitting hybrid that engulfs you with energy and creativity while relaxing the body. It is one of the most potent cannabis strains out there with THC levels reaching upwards of 30%!

Sour Piss Strain Sour Piss Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is reported to have a sour taste and has a THC level of around 17%. The Sour Piss Strain, which is also known as Sour Diesel due to its Diesel lineage, has a sweet aroma.

When smoked or vaporized, the effects are said to be quick acting and intense. Many users report that their uplifted moods can leave them feeling euphoric and joyful.

It’s thought that these effects of the strain are attributed to its high THC content – often referred to by consumers as “getting lifted”.

Sour Piss Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid. It should be ready to harvest in 3-4 months, giving off a distinct sour, skunky aroma and flavor that you won’t soon forget!

Sour Piss Strain is a very unique strain with an unknown parentage, but it’s more than likely crossed from a mix of Colombian Gold, Dutch Skunk and Jack Herer strains.

Because of its heavy THC content (15%+) this strain effects you in two different ways: it stimulates your mind, inspiring creativity and hyper-focus, while relaxing your body and senses.

This duality can lead to both positive and negative effects; be aware when smoking Sour Piss Strain so that you don’t overdo it on either effect…

The Sour Piss strain has a sweet taste, with a hint of sour at the end. This strain gives you a head high, with an uplifting and euphoric sensation that leaves you ready for adventure.

The Sour Piss strain is ideal after a long day of work or school, recreational and creative activities such as gaming and painting are recommended as well.

The Sour Piss strain has a sweet taste, with a hint of sour at the end. This strain gives you a head high, with an uplifting and euphoric sensation that leaves you ready for adventure.



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