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Sherb cake strain


Sherb cake strain.

Sherb cake strain is a hybrid that was created from a cross between Sherbet and Cake. It was created by crossing Sour Diesel with Chem’s Sister. Elevated THC levels of 30% are common for this strain, as well as a light but heavy hitting Indica high with its fruity characteristics, leaving consumers feeling upbeat and relaxed.

Sherb style cannabis cake is a very high quality and highly sought after strain. The buds are incredibly dense, covered in trichomes, and extremely potent. This strain is often mixed with other strains to create the ultimate high.

Sherb cake strain is a light strain that has been tested to be very high in THC. This can make you feel relaxed, happy, and at ease. Sherb Cake has a sweet flavor that makes it great for smoking alone or mixing with other strains. It can help relieve anxiety, depression, stress and pain.

Sherb cake strain is the result of mating the legendary Sherman OG blend with the classic candy strain, Sherbert. This indica dominant hybrid has a pungent odor and taste, which may be very familiar to some patients who have previously tried other strains that smell just like blueberry muffins or other baked goods.

The Sherman is a very popular strain that has been around for a while. It’s a cross between two of California’s finest, The Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. This hybrid packs a serious punch. It will leave you feeling euphoric, happy, and uplifted.

Sherb cake strain is a hybrid strain known for it’s potency, potency and potency. This cross between the famous Chembud and Barney’s Farm White Haze brings together the sweet taste of citrus, earthy flavors and a high that comes on fast and lasts for hours.

Sherb cake strain is a cross between their best selling Chemdawg and a Sour Diesel. When we talk about the best strains, you immediately think about the most popular among growers and smokers.

Sherb cake is a hybrid strain that originated from the UK. It has been in British cannabis culture for a long time and has a very distinctive sweet, citrusy aroma. The effects of this strain can be overwhelming and overwhelming at times due to the high potency and the quality of its smoke.

The Sherb Cake strain, popularized in the UK, has a Sativa dominant lineage and produces an energetic head high that leaves users feeling uplifted, positive and euphoric. The THC content in this strain ranges from 18-24%. This can make a strain both mentally stimulating as well as an effective treatment for users suffering from depression or stress-induced insomnia.

The Sherb cake strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that contains a combination of both tangy and sweet flavors. The high is uplifting and energetic, perfect for the morning. It is the perfect wake and bake choice for those who enjoy this fast growing hybrid strain.

Sherbcake is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. With an aroma of sweet fruit and a flavor that balances citrus, berries and pine, this strain is both flavorful and complex. Found in the Pacific Northwest, Sherbcake provides consumers with an uplifting and energetic high that won’t be weighed down by sedative effects. Sherbcake has an average THC content of 25%.

Our Sherb Cake strain is named after its legendary taste. This Sativa-dominant strain has an 85:15 THC/CBD ratio, so you can expect strong effects that are energizing and uplifting. Its high THC levels make it a great option for those with anxiety, PTSD or bipolar disorder. It’s also been shown to help with insomnia and depression.

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Sherb cake strain is a hybrid strain that delivers a strong euphoric high that helps patients cope with anxiety, stress and depression. This is a potent strain, with THC levels that can reach over 25%. It is also known for its heavy sedative effects which makes it ideal for treating conditions such as chronic pain and nausea.

The Sherb cake strain is described as a hybrid. Its genetics are composed of Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbert and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. This strain is an indica dominant hybrid with a THC level that ranges between 20% – 25%, which often translates into a fairly potent experience. The THC level can be adjusted by the user’s consumption method, but it’s best to go slow with this one until you develop some tolerance.

Sherb cake strain is a cross of Master Kush and Sour Diesel. The buds are dense and carry vibrant orange hairs that give the impression of being coated in sugar crystals. The flowers are bright green when young, then become darker near harvest time. This strain is known for its low CBD content, so patients may feel more focused or present while trying to treat their mental health issues.

Sherb cake is a hybrid strain that comes from the Southern California region by crossing Chemdawg and OG Kush. Buy Sherb Cake online for $30/gram, or $250/ounce today at

If you have a bad day and want to relax, this strain is the one for you. It’s helpful with migraines, fatigue and stress. This strain is best used at nighttime because of its sedative effects that can cause drowsiness. The taste has been described as fruity with a perfume-like aroma.

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Sherb Cake is a potent hybrid strain that’s well-known for its large flowers, trichome coverage and potency. It is one of those strains that has gained notoriety in recent years thanks to the large amount of THC that can be extracted from it.

Sherb cake strain is a super high THC indica, some say 1:1 ratio. This variety has a good munchy effect and gives you the chance to relax after a long day. The high is instant, cerebral and energetic. Smoke this strain and expect euphoria, laughter and great music!

Sherb is a pure Sativa of only the highest quality. Having created this strain by selecting the best phenotype from our already outstanding proprietary genetics stock, we were blown away by its growth and resin production. In addition, Sherb expresses a very unique flavor profile that is extremely enjoyable as well as its powerful head effects.

The Sherb cake strain is a highly potent hybrid made by crossing two popular strains. This weed strain is named after a popular pastry sweet in pastry shops. It is famous for being a potent strain that produces a calming and relaxing buzz. Sherb cake strain is also effective at stimulating appetite, pain relief and anxiety relief.

The Sherb cake strain is a hybrid strain of marijuana which was created by crossing the classic sativa-dominant strains known as Sour Diesel, Chemdawg and Chemo Purple Kush. The plant is used for both medical and recreational purposes, especially in treating chronic pains, sleeplessness, spastic muscles and even pain associated with diseases like HIV or cancer.

Sherb cake strain is a marijuana strain that is a cross between Sour Diesel and Pink Panties, created by Sherbet Seeds. It starts out sweet and earthy, with aromas of pineapple, mango, and lemon. It then quickly changes to a strong pine-like scent with hints of sweet citrus. This makes it a nice daytime weed for relaxing or working around the house, but more than one hit may make you couch-locked.

Sherb cake strain is a unique hybrid strain of marijuana. It has a high THC content, so people who use this strain do not feel very drowsy. But it can be some difficulty to sleep after smoking; therefore, it’s recommended that you don’t use this strain if you have plans for the night.

Sherb cake strain is a indica dominant hybrid strain of marijuana. From its genetics, it appears that its parent strains are Blue Dream and OG Kush. This incredible genetic combination has created a strain with a unique terpene profile combined with a strong THC content making this a potent variety that’s good for night time use.

Sherb cake strain is a legendary Indica-dominant strain that has been around since the 90s, most common in Colorado. It produces a strong high that will last for hours. Its aroma is sweet and sour, reminiscent of cherries or berries, with a bit of citrus thrown in. The taste is intense and has that earthy flavor that really comes through on exhale.

Sour Diesel x OG Kush 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid, Sherb Cake is a potent and pungent strain. When smoked or vaped, the initial taste is sweet, but this quickly transitions to a very pungent and skunky aroma. The smell is even stronger when burned in a joint or pipe, with an acrid scent reminiscent of cat urine lurking beneath the surface.

While not an overpowering strain in terms of its smell, Sherb Cake has a strong flavor that hits hard right away. While many strains hitting consumers today have been bred to be particularly potent in THC content, Sherb Cake strain has been bred for potency across the board – CBD levels are also quite high in most samples!

The Sherb cake strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that does not disappoint. Although the buds are very airy and fluffy, you can expect frosty dense flowers with an overwhelming scent that induces giggling fits. The effects of this strain tend to hit you rather quickly, so be sure to have a ready stash of snacks nearby when enjoying this strain.

Sherb Cake Strain THC level.

The Sherb Cake Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Along with its rich aroma and earthy taste, this heavy-hitting cannabis flower comes in with a THC level up to 22%. It also has a CBD count of 1% and contains as much as 15% terpenes.

Sherb cake strain is one of the most popular strains on the market. It’s been around for decades and has a strong following due to its robust levels of THC, while having relatively low levels of CBD. The Sherb cake strain is perfect for its high addictive properties, making it a favorite among smokers and bakers alike. When smoked, Sherb cake gives off a floral and citrus smell with earthy hints.

Sherb cake strain is an indica-dominant strain that is a cross between Strawberry Cough and Sherberts. This sativa-dominant strain is most common for daytime use, and it has a THC content of 15%, making it a fairly potent and somewhat psychedelic high. It has also been used to alleviate a variety of medical conditions and reduce stress.

Sherb cake strain is a cross of the famous Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies strains. It has an intense head high that is both uplifting and relaxing at the same time. Then it steps into creativity, happiness and gets your body moving! Sherb cake will have you smiling from ear to ear as it’s effects radiate across your mind and body like a warm blanket that just keeps getting better and better with each puff.

Sherb cake strain is a popular indica dominant strain. It’s effects are usually sedative, relaxing, and euphoric. Sherb cake has a high THC level (19-22%).

Sherb cake strain is a hybrid marijuana strain. It has 70 % sativa and 30% indica dominant genes. The strain is made using the same genetics as Sherbrooke Cookies. This strain is popular because of its medical properties.

Sherb cake strain is a nice medium sized bud with an even bud structure. It won’t be too much for most people but is still likely to make you feel very stoned. The smell of this strain is earthy and skunky.

Sherb Cake Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that produces strong open-eye effects. While the THC content on Sherb Cake has yet to be tested by labs, it’s thought to be high enough to produce heavy sedation and relaxation.

The Sherb Cake strain is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain that has a chemical composition of 75% sativa and 25% indica. It was bred using the Sherbert and Granddaddy Purple varieties. This potent cannabis strain has THC levels that average at just around 20%.

Sherb cake strain is the latest Sativa hybrid to hit the market. With its potent THC level of 26% and CBD of 3%, this sativa strain is capable of making you high, energetic and euphoric. If you are looking for a strain that calms you down without putting you to sleep, then this one is for you.

Sherb cake strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Sherbet and The Godfather. This strain produces a very impressive burst of energy, which is followed by a deep relaxation. With a THC level that ranges between 20% to 30%, this potent bud will have you feeling your best.

Sherb Cake is a hybrid strain made by crossing the well-known West Coast favorite Sherbert with the popular OG Kush. The result is a highly potent but cerebral vape known for its unique “cotton candy” flavor. Its high THC content makes it a good choice for evening use, or midday relief from chronic pain.

Sherb cake strain is a cross of Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies and appears to have a nice selection of strawberry and vanilla flavors. This great tasting hybrid has an average THC level between 21% and 25%.

The Sherb cake is a good strain to begin with if you are a cannabis newcomer. This strain has strong THC levels and will produce powerful effects.

Sherb cake strain is a high THC indica dominant strain. Sherb cake is a potent phenotype, producing an average THC content of 17% with a low CBD content at 0.06%. The typical taste of this strain is earthy, with hints of lemon and pepper giving it balance.

The Sherb cake strain is a cross between the Lavender Kush and G13 Haze. It has been described as intensely flavored with notes of sweet kush, sour lemon, mint and earthy undertones.

Sherb cake strain is a cannabinoid rich strain with a unique fragrance and flavor. Created by crossing Sherbert, Cannatonic and OG Kush, this strain is known for its stress-relieving properties that make it ideal for patients treating PTSD and other traumas.

Sherb cake strain is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Its THC content has been measured to be over 20%, making it one of the strongest strains being sold today.

Sherb cake strain- THC level and Terpene profiling. The Sherb cake strain is a medium type of flower that has a sweet, citrusy aroma to it. It has a THC level of 24% and was created in Los Angeles.

The Sherb cake strain is a potent hybrid that has many positive benefits. With no more than a 20% indica profile, this hybrid strain is perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Its THC levels have been tested to be between 16-20%, making it highly recommended for altitude and patients in need of a heavier body sensation.

Sherb cake strain is a hybrid strain that’s a cross between two of planet earth’s most beloved strains. Created by mixing the famous Gorilla Glue #4 with the indica-heavy Chemdawg, this potent hybrid has provided select patients with an intense and long-lasting buzz that can help take away stress, depression and various other ailments.

Strains like Gorilla Glue #4 are coveted due to their resin production and ability to help keep consumers medicated for several hours on end, making them popular among those looking for relief from chronic pain, nausea and insomnia.



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