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ROL Guava strain


ROL Guava strain.

Buy ROL Guava strain online now at Kushmart. We offer fast and discreet delivery in 3 hours or less. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about the product.

Looking for a strain that will help with anxiety and stress? Well look no more because our ROL Guava Strain is just what you need!

Our ROL Guava Strain is an amazing Indica-dominant hybrid that offers therapeutic effects, as well as a pleasant and powerful high.

The strain’s exotic fruit flavors remind us of Thailand, where it was first grown, this ROL Guava strain’s tropical haze aroma comes from its genetic makeup of Hawaiian Sativa and Cambodian Indica. If you are looking to treat pain, stress and anxiety visit our website today!

ROL Guava is a hybrid strain that is A, a cross of the R.O.L OG Kush and Guava Kush strains. This lovely flower has lots of orange hairs and features a delightful fruity aroma.

ROL Guava stinks up your space with its berry smell during growing and flowering stages, but will be smooth and sweet in taste when it’s all done with curing; this is nothing less than what you would expect from these strains cross-pollination.

Though it doesn’t offer much in terms of Indica or Sativa effects, this strain is known for having zero sedative effects on users and offering a clear, energetic high instead.

ROL Guava strain

ROL Guava strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that is a cross between Cherry Pie and Puna Butter. The THC content of this strain is 20% but it also contains small amounts of CBD, which doctors use to treat epilepsy and PTSD patients.

The high from this strain tends to be happy and uplifting, making it good for depression or chronic stress. Physically, ROL Guava strain can help with anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain.

ROL Guava Strain is an indica dominant hybrid that has a very distinctive smell and taste of guava. Because of the fruity element in this strain, it is highly appreciated to be used as an ingredient in edibles. The smell and taste of guava will not only be found in the smoke but, also in the final product making it all the more enjoyable for you.

The flowers have got a light green-ish color with hints of purple which makes them very attractive and impressive to look at. Moreover, they have dense buds that are covered with crystals and trichomes which make them even more beautiful when seen under UV lights.

The ROL Guava is one of the most trusted strains in the world. With an airy, earthy scent and a sweet undertone that’s sweeter than sugar, this strain is sure to please.

The Guava is a heavy-hitting variety with an average THC content of 21%. This isn’t for beginners and can be difficult for some patients to use. However, it features a relatively short onset time—likely due to its 1:1 THC/CBD ratio— making it ideal for nighttime use.

ROL Guava strain is a new creation of the ROL. This strain is the result of crossing a guava and sativa plant. Buy ROL Guava strain online to increase your mood, especially when you’re feeling depressed or want to eat something but due to the lack of appetite you can’t. It’s an Indica dominant hybrid and it has very potent effects on the body.

Buy ROL Guava strain near me.

The ROL strain is a Sativa dominant strain with a high THC content. It has an interesting effect on the user, which is partly explained by ROL’s known effectiveness for treating mental illnesses like depression and chronic stress.

It is also effective for managing pain associated with anxiety, migraines or nausea.

ROL Guava strain is an awesome combination of the indica and sativa strains. this strain has an earthy smell that’s hard to resist, but the effects are worth it!

In regards to the ROL Guava strain review, this hybrid cannabis strain is a cross between the famous G13 and Jack Herer. Both of these strains are known for their potent THC contents that deliver a euphoric high that makes you feel uplifted, happy and giggly.

The ROL Guava strain is a sativa dominant hybrid. It is an 80% sativa and 20% indica hybrid strain created by the combination of ROL Heartbreaker OG and Guava plant genetics.

With THC content levels reaching 18-24%, this highly potent strain has been known to produce a light body buzz that leaves some consumers uplifted and energized, while others find themselves feeling lethargic or sleepy.

A true crowd pleasure, patients may find this strain enjoyable for social activities such as shopping or dining out with friends.

ROL Guava is a Sativa dominant strain that is perfect for the end of a long day. Perfect for those with chronic pain, stress, or insomnia, and can even be great for socializing.

ROL Guava strain is not a heavy smoke but has a sweet taste and scent. A cross between Diamond Girl and Belladonna, this strain will surely soothe your mind regardless of what mood you are in.

ROL Guava strain is a sativa dominant strain that is bred from Guava, Jack Herer and Haze. The taste of the ROL Guava strain is citrusy with a hint of tropical fruit.

It has an earthy background flavour with pine undertones. The buds of this strain are small and compact as many of its parents are sativas, but it still produces average yields.

The ROL Guava strain produces high THC potency which makes it ideal for therapeutic users looking to treat their pain or anxiety without noticeably impairing their mental function.

ROL Guava is a high THC sativa bud strain that grows in an indoor/outdoor setting. It has a 22% THC content with low levels of CBD (only .1%), resulting in a strong high that has no sedative effects like normal indicas.

These buds smell of sweet guava and taste just as tropical, with a finish that’s reminiscent of powdered sugar and black tea. ROL Guava buds have thick foliage and light green hues accented by shades of purple and orange.

The ROL Guava strain is a cross between two staple strains, the OG Kush and Grapefruit hybrid. The ROL Guava strain has a strong and pleasant guavas aroma that makes it stand out from its competition.

Most patients report an uplifting high from this strain, though some say it is also effective at managing depression and stress

ROL Guava Strain does not have that much of THC, but it contains high levels of CBD. This strain is really effective in minimizing the tension and stress caused by anxiety disorder and depression.

You can also try this strain when you feel fatigued or lack concentration. It relieves your body from different types of pains like muscle ache, headaches etc.

ROL Guava strain is a hybrid with a high THC content. The buds are large and dense, with orange hairs that feel sticky to the touch. If it is not consumed within 14 days, then it will lose its flavor and aroma.

It grows well in the climate of Indonesia and has an intense pungent fruity aroma of guava fruit. The uplifting effects can keep you active for many hours.

The ROL Guava strain is a cross of the best cali cannon and the guava. The growing cycle of this strain is fast and produces dense flowers.

This plant grows well with a daytime temperature of 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a nighttime temperature of 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In just 8 weeks, you’re able to harvest about 25 grams per square meter.

ROL Guava is a hybrid strain of marijuana with a sweet and sour guava taste. Its effects are strong and physical, users can expect to feel heavy body effects from this strain. ROL Guava strain is best used for pain, stress and depression.

ROL Guava strain is one of the best sativa dominant hybrids with a THC level up to 20%. The plant grows three to four feet tall in pots or even taller if planted directly in the ground.

It has compact buds covered with purple and orange hairs and has one of the sweetest guava fruit flavors that we’ve ever seen in a cannabis strain.

ROL Guava strain is one of the legendary strains that was created a long time ago. It is highly regarded among medical marijuana users, who praise it for its healing properties.

ROL Guava strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid made by cannabis breeder Reserva Organica Labs. It’s a cross between ROL Fruity Pebbles and Strawberry Banana, and its effects are euphoric and relaxing.

This bud was bred for flavor, so it tastes just like the name suggests; sweet tropical fruit with hints of citrusy orange peel and candy on the exhale. Its sweet scent smells like juicy fruit gum.

The ROL Guava strain is a hybrid between Ruderalis and Sour Diesel. It’s slightly sweet and has great pain relief, with relaxing effects. With a THC level of 21%, this plant is a nice mix between relaxing and functional.”

ROL Guava is one of the most popular, potent, and useful strains that you can find. It has a strong, very pungent smell but has a delicious fruity taste. You’re going to want some water on hand.

Depending on the specific genetics and growing conditions this strain can end up being anywhere from 6% all the way up to 30% THC. The buds are dense and covered in trichomes with hints of purple coloration throughout the buds themselves.

ROL Guava strain for sale.

ROL Guava strain for sale for the best prices, delivered to you straight from our trusted supplier. We offer ROL Guava strain online near me and all at an affordable price, with free shipping anywhere in the United States. Buy ROL Guava strain online now!

For anyone looking to feel motivated and enjoy a kick of energy, ROL Guava is the strain for you. Buy ROL Guava seeds online now!

The ROL Guava strain is a very different hybrid of cannabis that is described by its users as positive and uplifting. This makes it perfect for those looking for relief from depression, stress, lack of appetite and mild pain .

The ROL Guava strain’s effects are most commonly described as energizing and euphoric, while also being calming and sedative. This makes it suitable for patients who suffer from anxiety, ADD/ADHD and PTSD

ROL Guava strain is a very unique strain from the ROL collective. It was extracted from a cross of Hater’s Grape and Chemdawg, has some really nice colors in the leaves and buds, and has the classic indica effects that come with most Chemdawg crosses.

This is definitely a nice addition to our current line up of strains with its sweet grape aroma, fruity taste, upbeat mental energy and calming body effects.

ROL Guava strain is a hybrid of Blueberry and Gorilla Glue. The effects are long lasting and relaxing, perfect for those who enjoy smoking before bedtime. ROL Guava strain has a THC content of 15% on average.

ROL Guava is a strain of Sativa-dominant cannabis. Using breeding, the ROL team has engineered this strain to be a glistening green flower with a tinge of orange on each bud. Each of these flowers has dark brown, perfectly circular calyxes with white crystalline trichomes.

In fact, they are so densely covered in crystals that your finger will pick up every last bit onto it. The aroma from this strain is a mix of guava candy, cedar wood and citrus fruits, making it one that you won’t soon forget.

Buy ROL Guava strain online. Effects of ROL Guava strain are appetite stimulation, euphoria and mood boost. Indica dominant hybrid of the rare Red House OG, ROL Guava strain is a heavy indica with a complex flavor profile dominated by fruit notes. The high is both physical and mental and can be described as calming and illuminating at once.

ROL Guava marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain cultivar that’s created by crossing the sativa-dominant hybrid ROL with Guava parent.

ROL Guava cannabis is an indoor-grown plant that tends to grow tall and has a hybrid indica-sativa dominant genetics. It produces relatively large, dense flowers which develop a sweet aroma with hints of citrus.

The ROL Guava strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a very high THC content. The strain comes from the ROL Seed Company and has been described as fruity, sweet and sour. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and produces flowers that mature incredibly fast.

ROL Guava strain is a great sativa that is best used for helping patients deal with their pain, stress, depression and more. The strain is usually recommended for daytime use as it has a very uplifting effect.

ROL Guava strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that is the result of crossing The OG and the phenotype known as Mother Land.

It’s available from many dispensaries in Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington. It is highly rated among buyers in those states due to its powerful pain-relieving effects.

ROL Guava strain is gifted with some of the most enticing tastes and smells, which is why we love it. We believe you will too.

This organic strain is also grown organically, so you can trust that there are no artificial additives or pesticides in the mix. A balanced hybrid, ROL Guava strain provides a comfortable high with a sense of happiness and well being.

ROL Guava is a high-quality strain that has been created from crossing the Ruderalis and Lipslea vellea strains of cannabis. This strain can be used for the treatment of stress, depression, nausea and poor appetite.

It helps people who suffer from pain conditions. Additionally, it has a fruity aroma with a fresh taste that is pleasing for most users.

ROL Guava strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that has gained popularity in recent years due to its energizing effects and sweet taste.

ROL Guava strain is known for its uplifting, euphoric and creative mental effects, which are often accompanied by feelings of happiness and well-being.

This strain is a cross between Lemon Haze and Girl Scout Cookies, each of which take reasonably longer flowering times to produce both plants containing high levels of THC, making them ideal choices for beginners as well as experienced growers.

The ROL Guava strain is a picture perfect sativa. At first glance, the buds are dense from lots of trichome coverage and small size popcorn type nuggets.

Its leaves have a deep purple hue and its buds have light hairs of orange pistils that form a slight orange mohawk down the nugget.

The ROL Guava strain has an aroma reminiscent of pink grapefruit and lime zest. This phenotype produces an uplifting body sensation that’s balanced by ease of use toward productivity in mind and body.

ROL Guava strain is an indica dominant hybrid that was created from a combination of Evergreen and Pink Panther.

It is an easy to grow plant that comes from a seed company that aims to produce high quality cannabis at an affordable price.

ROL Guava strain is noted for its sweet and sour taste, with a fruity aroma like a cross between apple, mango, and guava. Its THC levels have been measured at up to 25% on average.

ROL Guava is a sativa-dominant strain that’s both relaxing and uplifting. With origins in the Pacific Northwest, this green bud features Haze genetics mixed with sweet and sour guava.

The effects of ROL Guava strain are best described as daytime focused and energetic, which makes it a great go-to for those who need to concentrate on work or school.

ROL Guava is an Indica dominant strain that is bred by ROL, a creative group of breeders who are determined to create the best quality cannabis.

This strain is created by crossing West Coast and Grapefruit genetics. The buds are small and tight, light green in colour covered with a heavy layer of crystals that will leave your lips glossy and tasty.

The smoke has a unique flavour and aroma which give it an effect that many people describe as “candy sweet”, which makes inhaling ROL Guava easy even without knowing anything about this strain!


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