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Rocky road strain


Rocky road strain.

Rocky road strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was originally created by crossing Dr. Evil and a strain known as Rocket Fuel. This cross was then bred with Blue Moon Rocks to create an ultra potent (and potent-smelling) strain that tastes of sweet, creamy vanilla with underlying notes of coffee and chocolate. Rocky Road’s THC content tests at between 18% and 24%, making this one very powerful indica.

Rocky road strain is the result of crossing a beautiful sativa dominant strain with an indica and ended up in an offspring with a distinct flavor. It has a sweet, honey and floral aroma.

Rocky road is a hybrid strain that is a cross between Chocolate Diesel and OG Kush. This has been reported to help patients with pain, insomnia and depression.

One of our best-selling strains, rocky road is a hybrid of sour diesel and chocolate chip cookies. With THC levels reaching up to 24%, this strain is not for the faint of heart. Rocky road has always been a local favorite, but with strong potency and an enticing aroma, it’s become a national favorite as well.

Rocky road strain is a hybrid that combines two of the most popular and sought after strains today, Rockstar strain and Cookies. This mixture of terpenes and cannabinoids provide a variety of benefits from head to toe.

Rocky road strain is known for its indica-heavy effects. It’s a great option for nighttime use, offering up a deep sense of relaxation paired with mellow euphoria. Rocky road is known to be effective in treating anxiety, insomnia and stress.

Rocky road strain is an indica dominant hybrid that offers a sweet, candy-like aroma with an earthy and woodsy taste. With its indica effects being quite strong being a 30/70 indica/sativa ratio. Rocky road has been known to help users overcome depression, stress, and also treat pain. This strain has been said to work well with nausea and appetite loss as well.

Our Rocky road strain is a great hybrid that gives you that classic OG Kush taste with a punch of sweet chocolate and marshmallow. Most people find it hard to resist eating after smoking this strain, which is why we named it Rocky road. The aroma is earthy, almost like a pine tree forest with a hint of something sweet at the end. If you love sweet and sour flavor mixes—like cherry popsicle—then Rocky road strain is the perfect mix for you!

Rocky road strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that produces large and dense flowers. Rocky road gives off a sweet smell of fruity, earthy tidings and has an aroma of potent sweetness with hints of brown sugar and cinnamon.

Our Rocky road strain has a distinct palatable taste of chocolate and caramel. Rocky road is known to be strong while providing an intense high that lasts for hours.

It’s a 50/50 cross of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison, which makes for a sweet and sour tasting strain. This indica-dominant hybrid has gorgeous purple buds with thin orange hairs. The buds are dense and sticky, with a distinctive fruity berry smell. Rocky Road is one of the best strains for your morning coffee.

Rocky road strain THC level.

With its sweet, earthy and musky aroma, Rocky Road is a moderately potent hybrid strain with relatively high levels of THC. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Crocket Family Farms Indica-dominant hybrid, a mix that combines the best qualities from both sides of the genetic spectrum.

This powerful strain delivers calming effects coupled with body tingles and mild cerebral invigoration. Vaper users will enjoy clouds of frosty goodness that smell like toasted marshmallow smothered in orange and chocolate—the perfect dessert for an evening at home watching Netflix or Looney Tunes cartoons.

The Rocky road strain originates from Colombia and is known for producing heavy yields. It has a THC Content that ranges from 16-18%. It has an average of 18% CBD and 1% CBN.

Rocky road strain also known as Rockstar strain, is a hybrid strain that combines the best properties of two amazing cannabis strains – the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Chocolate Chunk. The result is a very strong, Sativa-dominant strain with earthy pine aromas and flavors reminiscent of black pepper and chocolate.

Rocky road grows well both indoors and out, but performs especially well outdoors in warmer climates. A vigorous grower with dense branching, this strain does best when allowed to grow large before chopping for flowering. The main cola of this plant has more than enough potential to be trained into a shapely dome with ample bud sites if growers wish to keep it small.

Despite the fact that this edible is not particularly potent, it’s a good option for those who enjoy the dessert-like effects of indica. The blueberry and chocolate flavors are present in this strain, but they aren’t overpowering; instead they provide a sweet, warming aftertaste that relaxes you while retaining a clear head.

Aromas of vanilla and chocolate give way to a complex taste experience. Earthy undertones are present, but not overpowering. This strain is recommended for evening use because it lulls you into a wonderful sense of relaxation over the course of one or two hours.

Rocky road strain is a cross of two types of cannabis, Bay-weed and Durban Poison. It has an earthy taste, with a sweet, chocolate aroma. The effects of this strain are great for anyone who experiences depression or is just generally tired. Rocky road is found in dispensaries around the world, but if you want to buy rocky road online the process is easy. Just visit our website, search for the right dispensary or delivery service near you and place your order today

Rocky road strain delivers an euphoric high that is sure to lift your spirits. It has a moderately high THC level of around 19% with a total combined cannabinoid potency of 60%. The flavor is earthy, sweet, and mildly piney. This strain is well known for its ability to relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia.

Rocky road strain is beautiful to look at, with a stunning vivid green color and a coating of trichomes that give it an almost candied appearance. The aroma is sweet and fruity, while the flavor is earthy with floral undertones. Rocky road has an uplifting sativa high that’s known to lift depression and anxiety while also promoting creativity. Those who smoke it regularly report that it can improve mood as well as mental acuity, making Rocky road a great choice for users suffering from depression, stress or anxiety.

Rocky road strain is a hybrid cannabis strain. It is a great daytime medication, but can be very sedating at night and makes you want to sleep. Rocky road has a nice sweet scent that reminds one of chocolate and caramel. The taste matches its scent which makes it very appealing to eat, but not recommended because of the high level of THC found in this strain.

Rocky Road strain is a dense and hardy strain that is recommended for growers who prefer their plants to be robust, blocky, and high yielding. Rocky Road has an earthy flavour with a hint of sweetness, thanks to the OGs in its genetics. It has a THC level between 15 – 18%.

Rocky road strain is a very strong Indica strain (very high on the THC scale), bred from the Hash Plant and Granddaddy Purple. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a high THC content and will ease your mind and body. If you are suffering from chronic pain or stress, this strain may be ideal for you as it helps to relieve both conditions as well as several other symptoms like nausea, headaches, migraines and sleep disorders.

The Rocky Road strain is a Sativa-dominant cross between Nevil’s Wreck and Rockstar. This strain produces large colas of intense red hairs, with a dense sticky coat of trichomes on each bud. Its THC levels have been measured at 22%, so it is not suitable for beginners. With an aroma of chocolates and stone fruits, the flavor is very rich and delightful. The effects are stimulating, making this strain a good choice for daytime use by patients needing to be alert and focused during their day.

Rocky road strain is a hybrid cross between an unknown Indica strain, and G13 Haze. It has a high THC content of around 22%. Users say that this strain has an extremely potent taste and smell. You can expect dry mouth and eyes, which are common side effects of smoking marijuana. When consumed in small doses, it can help with nausea, vomiting, appetite loss and chronic pain.

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Rocky road strain is a breed of marijuana that is considered the most potent top shelf marijuana around the world. The THC percentage can reach as high as 30%. It can be purchased in any major city and its best to go with a dealer you know personally so they can point you towards the best quality.

Rocky road strain is a hybrid cross of THC dominant genetics, cultivated to maximize the potency and yield of this strain. Rocky road has been known to produce a high level of THC as well as powerful but pleasant medicinal effects that may help treat a variety of medical conditions.

Rocky road strain is a legendary hybrid cross between two popular strains, Master Kush and Durban Poison. Rockstar Genetics crossed those two strains in order to create this strain that has become a popular choice on the west coast of America. Rocky road is notoriously potent with THC levels reaching 24% or more.

Our Rocky road strain offers you a sweet and sour experience. It is highly enjoyable, with a very soothing effect. The best times to enjoy this strain are when you need to relax, unwind and take a break. This strain is great for pain relief as well.

Rocky road strain price is high but it has a lot of benefits for your health. If you are interested to buy Rocky road strain near me then you can go to our website. You need to visit us because we are one company that provides all the information about this product and the best part is that you can also buy Rocky road strain online.

The Rocky road strain is a hybrid cannabis strain. The most common way of consuming this strain is by smoking it. The THC content of the Rocky road is high and therefore, you can expect to experience an intense high after smoking.

Rocky road strain is a hybrid strain that is composed of Romulan, Rockstar, and Cookies. This combination produces a sativa dominant hybrid with an effect that will make you feel happy, uplifted and euphoric.

Our strain Rocky road has a THC content of 18%. Our standard dose is up to 12% THC and is offered in pre-rolls, shatter and distillate formats.

Rocky road is one of the most powerful strains in the world. It is a sativa dominant hybrid that is known for its potency, making it a perfect choice for individuals who battle chronic pain, insomnia or stress. These buds are created with the goal of targeting health benefits such as providing relief from nausea and vomiting as well as an increased appetite. Buy rocky road strain near me.

Rocky Road marijuana strain is a hybrid high yielder that tests around 15% THC. The Rocky road marijuana strain was developed in California as a cross between Train Wreck and Rockstar. Rocky Road is a sativa-dominant hybrid originating from the West Coast of California. This plant is perfect for indoor growing where mold can be an issue, and also performs outdoors if it’s planted in a warm climate.

Rocky road strain is known for its high THC content, it has been reported to reach up to 30%. A minimal amount of CBD has also been found in this strain, but it is not used as a medical marijuana strain. Rocky road smells of sweet cocoa, with a hint of berries. The flavor is similar with a sweet taste on the exhale. This sativa dominant strain will make your mood bright and cheerful and will keep you quite social throughout the day.




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