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pop rox strain


pop rox strain.

the pop rox strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that is 70% indica and 30% sativa. This strain is highly potent, delivering powerful effects. It produces a cerebral, euphoric feeling that may also help alleviate depression and stress. The smell and taste of this strain are both spicy and fruity, with hints of pine.

Pop Rox is a pure indica strain bred from the legendary NYC Diesel and Bubba Kush. Considered a heavy-hitter, this strain has an earthy taste and relaxing effects that ease you down after a long day.

Pop Rox is a strain that was bred by crossing a Blueberry plant with the famous Cherry Pie. The resulting indica dominant hybrid is a highly potent and flavorful variety that produces a THC level of 15%-22%, which can be higher than the average due to its genetics.

Pop Rox is a cannabis strain that helps users to jumpstart their day and make it more productive. This hybrid strain has an amazing taste which includes berry, grape, lemon and lime notes! Its effect starts as soon as you take your first puff, putting you in a great mood. Its effects are felt strongly for about one hour or so, and then slowly diminish over time. Pop Rox is a cross between the award-winning strains Blueberry and Sour Diesel.

The first thing to note about this strain is its amazing sweet berry scent fresh from the growing process. This fruit flavor follows through into the smoke itself which comes out nice and smooth, leaving you pleased with a delightful flavor experience. Pop Rox gives off no distinctive visual appearance when grown indoors; however, under natural sunlight her buds appear light green with dark orange hairs running all over them.

Pop Rox strain THC.

Pop Rox is a hybrid strain that has been bred to have low CBD content, making it the perfect medicine for those who want to enjoy the full euphoric effects of THC without experiencing psychoactive side effects. The genetics of this strain offer a unique blend of Indica and Sativa effects that brings the best of both worlds to your body.

Pop Rox is a hybrid strain that’s known for its relaxing and pain relieving properties. It also has a distinct lemony aroma and taste, as well as some fruity notes. Pop Rox is often used to help with insomnia, stress, appetite loss, and depression.

Pop Rox is a Sativa dominant hybrid, bred by Green Rush Gardens. This strains taste features a distinct pine aroma, with notes of berry that come through during smoking. The effects are euphoric and energetic, though the high from Pop Rox can induce couch lock. Pop Rox is a hybrid strain with a THC content of 21%, which may not be suitable for users new to cannabis.

Pop Rox is a vibrant strain that is sure to leave you feeling happy, energized and uplifted. This strain was crossbred between the famous Chemdawg strain and NYCD Popcorn. It has a very sweet aroma with a mixed flavor of pine and sour fruit. The high is strong and fast-hitting, so use caution if you plan on driving after consumption.

The Pop Rox strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. It has a high THC content that sits at 21% and a moderate amount of CBD, at approximately 0.22%. This makes the strain almost perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain, ADHD and PTSD. It also helps with sleep disorders and lack of appetite as well as other issues relating to stress or depression. You can purchase this strain near me and find that it is very effective when used either in the morning or at night.

Pop Rox strain is a hybrid cross of organic x Gains, A-Pop, and Jet Fuel that was created by Mr. Nice in California. The genetics make this strain an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor growing. Pop Rox offers a 70:30 Indica/Sativa ratio with a THC content ranging from 20% to 22%.

Pop Rox is the finest, most exciting new hybrid in years. Its Sativa genetics show through with a high THC content and a soaring uplifting high that clears the mind while relaxing the body. Pop Rox’s aromatic floral notes are reminiscent of fresh lavender and rosemary, with hints of citrus and pine.

While scent is one thing that you might notice first when consuming this strain, your mind will be fixed on many others: time flies by as your thoughts become less complicated, meaning you can focus on any task at hand without distractions.

The Pop Rox strain is a high yielding hybrid (60% sativa, 40% indica) that has been crossed with the California Ruderalis. A rarity in the world of commercial cannabis strains, it was created by crossing Hawaiian, Chinese and Afghani genetics with the infamous Roxie Bx1 hybrid. Pop Rox has a history of being an effective pain reliever while offering mild relaxation and calmness. The buds are dense and extremely sticky with purple hues coloring their leaves and frosting around the calyxes giving it a unique appearance. It has very little popcorn aroma but instead has a sweet chocolate fragrance similar to Blue Cheese popcorn.

pop rox strain is a hybrid marijuana strain and a cross between Candyland and Rox. This cross, originating in Southern California, has become extremely popular for its reliable effects, intense flavor and high, which are perfect for recreational use. A single hit of pop rox will get you high fast!

pop rox strain is a cross between rock star and little banjo pop rox is a most popular hybrid strain. It is fast growing, with dense flowers and a pleasant sweet gassy taste. This strain will give you a slightly creeper high that starts in the head and slowly spreads through the body.

Pop Rox is a strain that’s worth its weight in gold, and we dare you to find a more potent strain anywhere. This cross is a perfect combination of Gorilla Glue and Chem OG Kush genetics; it’s a potent indica with heavy effects. Pop Rox has classic notes of earthy pine forest, sweet maple syrup, and fresh-cut grass that are smothered in layers of creamy goodness. This bud delivers an intensely relaxing body buzz that will leave you begging for more!


Pop Rox strain is a hybrid with heavy, full-body effects. This strain is named after one of the members of the group pop group, Rox. In the US, this strain is mostly sold in California, but can be found in Colorado and Washington as well. The genetics are said to be unknown, but the general consensus is that it is an indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 80/20 indica/sativa. consumers may experience a strong couch lock effect which leads to a feeling of euphoria and mental relaxation.

Pop Rox is a hybrid strain created through a cross of Blue Dream and Rockstar. Typically considered to be an indica, this haze-flavored strain provides high stress relief, with a sweet aroma and fruity berry taste. Its CBD content makes Pop Rox perfect for medical use as well.

pop rox strain is an indica dominant hybrid. This weed strain was bred with Blueberry and Mendocino Purps to create a hybrid that is excellent for stress, pain, and anxiety. The high from Pop Rox can be characterized as cerebral and deliciously euphoric. It contains 17.3% THC and 0.4% CBD with minimal CBN and CBG making it perfect for those looking for a daytime daytime strain with long-lasting powerful effects

Pop Rox strain is a sweet, fruity and fresh smelling strain with a powerful, uplifting high that can energize you without sluggishness. The THC content was measured to be 17.5% in lab tests. This strain has been said to treat glaucoma and chronic pain, while also calming the nerves.

Pop Rox is an indica dominant hybrid with a strong body high that can leave you feeling sedated and relaxed. It has a sweet and spicy taste, with very little to no skunk flavor, and has a scent that is spicy with hints of pine. While this strain is not very well known in the cannabis community, it was created by crossing two popular varieties: Paranoia (a sativa dominant hybrid) and Deep Sea (an indica-dominant hybrid). This strain has about an average THC level of about 18 percent.

Pop Rox is a very potent strain that’s also excellent for treating pain and nausea. A top choice for people who suffer from migraines and need to ease their headaches, Pop Rox is a powerful sativa strain with effects that can last all day long.

pop rox strain is a sativa dominant Hybrid (75% Sativa/25% Indica) strain. It causes the consumer to really “pop” open and feel creative. The consumer may also experience feelings of happiness, happiness and excitement.

Pop Rox strain is a hybrid strain that’s said to be an 80% indica / 20% sativa blend. The parent strain of Pop Rox is unknown, but it’s said to have an almost guaranteed knock out effect thanks to its powerfully sedating effects. There are different phenotypes of Pop Rox, some being more indica than others, but each phenotype has around 18% THC and 0 to 1 percent CBD.

Pop Rox is a strain that’s been hybridized from two legendary strains: Pineapple and Blue Razz. These two flavors are dipped in strawberry-flavored icing, making for a cup bursting with deliciousness.

Pop Rox strain is a beautiful hybrid strain of pure science. This sativa-dominant breed is the perfect balance between euphoria and relaxation.

The Pop RoX strain is a cross between the increasingly popular hybrid strain Gorilla Glue and the rare White Widow. With its high potency and ability to relax the mind, body, and muscles, this hybrid is ideal for those seeking a relaxing experience without any harsh side effects.

Pop Rox is a strain that has to be experienced by everyone. One puff of this will leave you feeling an instant head rush, but not enough to bring you down. The taste is sweet and citrusy, with a long-lasting high that can last a couple hours or more if you medicate enough. Pop Rox has extremely high THC content which makes it very effective for treating pain and symptoms of anxiety.

Pop Rox, a flower by Pop Rocks that has an impressive THC content and unique terpene profile. Is known for producing a very uplifting and social high.

pop rox strain is a cross between pop rox and lemon skunk, resulting in a fresh smelling fruity hybrid that provides an uplifting high.

Pop Rox strain is a potent indica cross that offers consumers a different experience than the majority of other modern indicas. Helping you to feel relaxed and at ease while taking the edge off, this strain is perfect for either daytime or nighttime use.

Pop Roxy strain is a high-THC strain that has become quite popular recently. With an average THC content of 24%, it is known to be one of the highest THC-containing strains on the market today. Pop Rox is considered a heavy indica hybrid and will give you a nice feeling of relaxation without knocking you out too quickly.

Pop Rox strain is a highly potent and dense pop rox strain strain produced with the ultimate quality, flavor and yield. This elite hybrid is excellent for pain relieving, attention deficit disorders, anxiety and stress relief.

Pop Rox strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain. This strain thrives on its high THC content, and while this particular strain is usually described as an indica-dominant cross, it packs quite a punch at 20% THC.

The POP ROX STRAIN is a hybrid strain of cannabis. It has an indica and sativa mix that combines two potent effects in one. The first effect is known for its very bodily high, which can leave you feeling sedated, relaxed, and happy. The second effect is a creative sensation that activates your creative side and inspires your creative thinking abilities. When combined, these two effects offer an uplifting buzz that can be enjoyed anytime during the day or evening to relieve stress, unwind after a long day, or relax before going to sleep.

Pop Rox strain is a cross between Rockstar and Sour Diesel. This 80% sativa strain with a 20% indica ratio has one of the fastest flowering time cycles in the world at just 9 weeks. It produces high yields both indoors and outdoors. The aroma from this strain is subtle with notes of pineapple, diesel, and citrus fruits.




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