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KRT Vape Donut Edition

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KRT Vape Donut Edition

KRT Vape Donut Edition

Introducing the KRT Vape Donut Edition Cartridge, a donut themed cartridge filled with 80% to 95% THC that is sure to satisfy all your pastry desires.

This cannabis oil vape cartridge is crafted from an indica strain and includes a mouthpiece that helps you avoid burnt fingertips while enjoying the delicious baked treat flavors.

The KRT Vape Donut Edition is a cannabis-infused donut designed to satisfy your sweet tooth. This product is an OG Kush terpene profile, filled with the flavor of delicious fried pastry and a sprinkling of sugar. Each bite into these treats is sure to quench your thirst for more.

KRT Vape Donut Edition contains a high THCA content of 85-95%, which makes it possible to achieve an instant high feeling.

The extremely strong THC concentration delivers an intense psychoactive effect and the burning taste is reminiscent of the sensation during the consumption of donuts, that is why its name is Donut Edition.

KRT Vape Donut Edition is a special edition of our popular KRT Donut, released for your holiday enjoyment! KRT Vape Donut Edition delivers the same great taste at a higher THC content — perfect for those looking for an extra dose of relaxation. Enjoy responsibly, donuts are dank!

KRT Vape Donut Edition


We put our heart and soul into each and every one of our products. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products, with great customer service, at affordable prices.

KRT Vape Donut Edition is a very popular strain that combines the delicious flavor of blueberry with a tropical aftertaste of coconut.

This hybrid is equally effective during the day and at night, making it a versatile strain.

While keeping you relaxed and patient, this indica will also give you plenty of energy to tackle what life throws your way.

 Buy KRT Vape Donut Edition for sale

KRT Vape Donut Edition for sale online. We are offering KRT Vape Donut Edition THC 85% TO 95% for sale in all USA states, cities, towns and zip codes.

We ship to your preferred location nationwide or we can pick up at ‘you’ our location and deliver it in your city

KRT Vape Donut Edition for sale in USA. This is a very popular product with great reviews, so you can be sure that KRT Vape Donut Edition will work as advertised.

KRT Vape Donut Edition, a unique THC product with a sweet and subtle aroma. This dab is made with 100% Cannabis Sativa that has been cultivated without seeds and pesticides.

KRT Donut Edition is a premium quality cannabis product. Our high quality production and manufacturing processes ensure that our products are the best in the market

This KRT Donut Edition for sale is a THC 85% TO 95% flavored cartridge. The KRT Donut Edition is filled with 50mg THC oil, which means that you need only to take 1-2 puffs from this CBD cartridge and not 5-10 puffs from another brand like Pax.

The taste of the KRT Donut Edition cannabis oil by KRT Vape will last longer than any other vape pen or cartridge on the market, because it has been made using only High Grade Cannabis oil extracted using pure CO2 at an extraction temperature of less than 40°C.”

Donut Edition by KRT is a hybrid strain that’s popular for its fruity aroma and potent effects. This product provides THC levels from 85% to 95%, making it one of the strongest strains on the market. Donut Edition is also great for relaxation, stress relief, and pain relief.



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