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Kaws moon Rock


Kaws moon Rock

Kaws moon Rock

Kaws moon Rock for sale. A unique and original high potency cannabis strain that will certainly get you to the moon! Kaws moon Rock is bred with a mix of high THC levels and low CBD levels so that you stay active and focused while enjoying your experience.

This type of marijuana will give you a strong body high, so be prepared to use this as an evening smoke or before bedtime. The terpene profile includes lovely fragrances of fruit, citrus and pine.

The Kaws moon Rock is a sweet, earthy, slightly pine-y bud that retains an aroma of fresh bananas. Its taste is reminiscent of sweet berries with just the right amount of pungency to keep it interesting. Green with bright orange hairs, the medium-sized nugs are dense and frosty and leave plenty of THC behind when smoked.

Kaws moon Rock is a deep oil, wax and frosted glass hybrid with a sweet berry flavor profile. Its oil base gives off some of the best flavor in the world, and its terpene content is high enough to offer relief without being too overwhelming or sedating.

A perfect combination of delicious flavors and potent effects, this mix of sativa-dominant hybrid is sure to please.

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Kaws moon Rock is the collaboration between Jeff Koons and the California-based art collective/label OriginalFake. Kaws is a street artist with a loyal fanbase and world repute who has been working with characters and motifs of his own design since before the internet; while OriginalFake releases T-shirts, footwear and accessories by some of the leading graphic designers and along with their off-site retail store MISHKA NYC.

The packaging for this limited edition release will be presented in a soft touch box bearing Kaws’ trademark hand drawn moon on one side and OriginalFake’s owl logo on the other.

Kaws moon Rock is a sativa-dominant strain inspired by SpaceKase, the famous collaboration between KAWS and Ssense. KAWS, a world-famous American artist and designer, has been described as a “stealth modernist”, who takes the form of pop culture and gives it meaning. He is known for his depiction of comic book characters that reflect his own emotions and experiences.

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Kaws moon Rock is an extremely popular strain that is sought after by many cannabis connoisseurs. You can now buy kaws moon rock online, who have it in stock at the lowest price.

Treat yourself to some Kaws moon Rock and enjoy the relaxing effects of our premium strain.

Kaws moon Rock is a psychedelic truffle THC content is about 70%. The Kaws moon Rock has a little bit of harshness to it, but users also appreciate its ability to open your third eye.

Moon Rock is a very sweet strain with a strong, fruity aroma. It delivers a powerful psychedelic high that almost completely eliminates pain and anxiety, while keeping your mind clear. A cross between Trainwreck, OG Kush x Big Bud, and Durban Poison.

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Kaws moon Rock for sale online. Buy Kaws moon Rock online, Kaws moon Rock price, Kaws moon Rock THC and Kaws moon Rock review.

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Kaws moon Rock is a new strain of cannabis bred by Kaws. Moon Rock cannabis is the combination of a few different strains, including Master Kush and OG Kush.

This strain has an aroma of citrus and pine that is followed by a fruity flavor. The high from Moon Rock is one that will leave you feeling relaxed with a slight head buzz.

Kaws moon Rock is a strain of sativa dominant cannabis cultivated by the geniuses at Kaws OG. It features a sweet and pungent aroma with a strong presence of earthy undertones.

The taste is surprisingly sugary, filled with floral notes and an almost cotton candy sweetness that lingers on the palette for some time.

It contains less than 0.5% THC content so you can enjoy the effects of its high without having to feel high afterwards!

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Kaws moon Rock 5 grams dual extraction Cis CBD/ THC Isolate. Moon Rocks are made by taking a single nugget of premium flower and wrapping it in Kief, then rolling that in Shatter.

The extraction process allows the Moon Rock to be fully psychoactive while preserving the medical benefits of the flowers used in its production.

Kaws moon Rock is a quality strain with a strong effect that provides its users with an energetic stimulation. It stimulates the mind and mood, creating feelings of happiness. The strain is also effective at treating sleep loss and migraines.

The Kaws moon Rock is a strain that’s been bred to be hard-hitting and long-lasting. It delivers a mix of visual hallucinations, mood elevation, and a stony relaxation that helps with pain relief. In some cases, the high will also be very strong with psychedelic qualities.

Sweet, earthy KAWS Moon Rock is a friendly strain that has been used for millennia to calm the mind, ease social anxiety and take the edge off.

These Moon Rocks are handmade by Snoop Dogg himself, and he wants to see that you get the best experience possible. The process of making these Moon Rocks is the same as the one used by Snoop in 2018, when they first created a special edition at his edible company, Merry Jane.



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