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Gastro World Strain


Gastro World Strain.


A very popular and long lasting strain with a relaxing high that is great for daytime use. Gastro World Strain offers an enjoyable balance of effects and provides a calming sensation that relieves pain and anxiety, as well as helping with depression, stress, fatigue and muscle spasms.

The Gastro World Strain is a cannabis seed that has been bred by TGA Seeds. This plant follows the Indica variety and is mostly easy to grow because of its fast flowering period. The Gastro World Strain grows vigorously, with large, round flowers.

Its effect is complex and powerful at the same time; it provides you with full body relaxation as well as a clear mind and help you concentrate better on simple tasks like reading or watching TV.

Gastro World Strain is a sativa dominant strain that comes with a great taste and aroma. You might want to grow this powerful strain if you are suffering from appetite loss, nausea or vomiting, gastrointestinal problems and pain relief.

Gastro World Strain

Patients have historically used this strain to help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. Gastro World Strain is said to contain at least 15% THC, making it an ideal option for patients who prefer more potent herbals

Gastro World Strain is an amazing strain that is sativa-dominant. It has a unique and appealing taste, with an aroma that’s earthy, piney and floral.

The effects are also quite unique, making it ideal for daytime use without causing issues with concentration or attention span. It can be used by patients suffering from nausea, chronic pain, loss of appetite and depression.

Gastro World Strain is a cross of the Gastro World strain and a powerful indica, this is an intense indica that combines the best of both worlds.

This potent strain has strong body effects, though it is not too dissimilar to your typical strain. Gastro World has flavors of lime, fruity and sour that are reminiscent of fruit candy; these flavors make for a sweet smoke perfect for relaxing sessions while unwinding at home or during social gatherings.

A cross between Gastro and Chocolope, the Gastro World is a perfect strain for nausea, stomach pains, and cramps. A great strain to relax with, it will leave you feeling happy, relaxed and uplifted at the same time.

It has an aroma of fruit and pine with a sweet flavor that lingers on your palate. With THC levels averaging 22%, this strain is not recommended for newbies or those who have not been smoking pot for very long as it does pack some punch.

Gastro World Strain is the latest strain to hit recreational dispensaries and medical marijuana dispensaries. With a name like Gastro World, you can bet that this cannabis is going to help your stomach issues.

Gastro World Strain a very strong, potent and heavy indica dominant hybrid strain that packs a wallop of strong effect. The aroma of this strain is quite strong, with an earthy pine smell with hints of citrus.


GastroWorld Strain is a hybrid with medical benefits to help treat stomach pains and cramps, lack of appetite, nausea and influenza like symptoms.

Gastro World Strain is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is well balanced and stable. This highly sought out strain is perfect for treating pain and Aches, gastrointestinal issues such as nausea and vomiting. Gastro World Strain gives a unique cerebral high that leaves you feeling happy, euphoric and uplifted.

Gastro World Strain is a hybrid strain. Which means it has the genetics of two different cannabis plants, sativa and indica.

The Gastro World Strain is on of our best selling sativas and highly recommended for people with anxiety and depression, stress relief and pain relief.

Gastro World is a hybrid strain of marijuana. It is a cross between Akkadian Kush and Chemdawg and has medicinal properties that help with nausea, pain, anxiety, and viral infections.

The average THC level of Gastro World Strain is 25-40%. The average price for Gastro World Strain varies based on location but typically falls within the range of $20 to $30 per gram.

Gastro World Strain is a cannabis strain with a balanced THC level, which means that even the most sensitive patients can use this strain without risk.

Gastro World Strain is good for promoting appetite, pain relief and relaxation, so it can be used by anyone who wants to relieve their nausea or chronic pain naturally.

Gastro World Strain is also known for its relatively short flowering period, so growers need not wait long to harvest these high-yielding plants.

Gastro World Strain is one of the most potent strains on the market. With a THC level of 6-19%, Gastro World Strain will give you the perfect high when you need it.

Gastro World Strain has a great Indica/Sativa ratio and can be enjoyed by both medical patients as well as recreational smokers.

Gastro World weed Strain is a striking indica-dominant (80%) strain that’s known for its heavy-handed potency and euphoria. As you might have guessed from the name, this strain is great for digestive issues. It also has relaxing qualities that may help with pain or other forms of discomfort.

Gastro World Strain is a great Indica strain with sweetness and pepper aromas, smells like herbs and earth. Gastro World gives you a real strong relaxing high.

It’s effecting on the mind and body but not too heavy, perfect for smokers who want something more than just getting freaked out senseless!

Gastro World weed Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain and a cross between Gastro Grown OG and Sour Diesel. This is a happy, euphoric high that makes you feel relaxed but also happy and uplifted at the same time. Great for daytime use when you want to relax your body while keeping your mind clear.

The Gastro World Strain is one of the most famous strains for various medical conditions. This strain is primarily Indica, but with the inclusion of its Sativa genes it produces a high that can be felt in both your mind and body.

This makes this hybrid strain ideal for pain relief as well as handling issues such as depression and anxiety. In addition to all this, this strain also helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Gastro world strain is a pure medical marijuana strain. Gastro World Strain is a cross between the well-known and popular strains Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) and Afghani. It has a fruity aroma with hints of diesel fuel, pine, and skunk.

The strain’s taste is pungent like fresh pine needles with a hint of raisin undertones. Its taste can be described as sweet, earthy and spicy at the same time.

You will notice yourself staring at the blank wall with glazed eyes as you experience this euphoric high that makes you feel emotionally balanced and at ease.

Gastro World Strain A strong, relaxing indica with an appetite-stimulating effect. Gastro World Strain is a strain that focuses on your gastrointestinal system, helping to combat nausea, relieve stomach cramping and increase your appetite.

Gastro World weed Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis known for its pleasant smell and taste. Grown in nutrient-rich soil, the THC content of this strain can reach as much as 21%.

This high-THC cannabis makes it an effective treatment for pain and nausea and is frequently used to combat the effects of chemotherapy.

Gastro World weed Strain is a cross between two popular plants, which makes it a top-of-the-line strain for medicinal and recreational users alike.

It’s Indica dominant strain (60%) and packs a punch of THC at 20%, so be careful not to overdo it. Gastro World Strain will help with: anxiety, chronic pain, stress, depression and nausea

Gastro World weed Strain is a highly potent strain that can be used to treat symptoms related to nausea, inflammation, and require users to keep a close eye on their appetite.

Gastro World Strain is a strain that has 80% sativa and 20% indica. It has THC level of 18% to 20%, which means it is one of the strongest strains out there.

This strain provides relief from inflammation and pain. Gastro World Strain is known for its powerful sedative effect, so it is best reserved for evening use.

The high from this strain that makes it different from other medical marijuana strains comes from the relaxing effects, but the main reason most people smoke it is to help with nausea and vomiting due to cancer chemotherapy. Most users report feeling relaxed, calm and happy when using this strain daily

2nd Gen Hash Plant is a 2nd generation strain that has been stabilized by our Master Growers. These master growers have grown the 2nd Gen Hash Plant by hand, using the best strains of marijuana to create a new, unique strain. According to our customers, the Gastro World Strain has helped with depression, stress and nausea.

Gastro World Strain is an indica/sativa hybrid. It has a THC level of 18%, and its effects for treating pain, nausea and appetite loss can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Gastro World Strain is also good for anxiety, sleep disorders and depression.

Gastro World weed Strain is a hybrid strain with a sativa/indica ratio of 80/20. This genetically diverse combination offers consumers a range of effects, from uplifting to sedating.

The high THC level may result in feelings of relaxation and euphoria, making this strain an ideal choice for those suffering from stress, depression and fatigue. Gastro World Strain also has analgesic properties and can help relieve muscle tension or chronic aches or pain.

Gastro World Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Gastro World Strain has 20% THC and 0% CBD, making it a daytime strain best used for stimulating appetite, anxiety, depression and migraines.

Gastro World weed Strain is a Sativa dominant strain that boasts some of the most potent and long-lasting effects in the medical marijuana community.

Grown and cultivated by some of Colorado’s most respected growers, Gastro World Strain has been tested for purity and potency at over 25%.

Gastro World Strain is a new addition to our list. This strain provides both body and mental relaxation, with mind-altering effects that can be felt in the head and throughout the body.

The effects are best for daytime use, as it will keep you active but relaxed when working or engaging in everyday responsibilities.

Gastro World Strain is one of my favorite og kush cross! It’s one of the most potent strains I’ve ever recieved. I was so pleased that I was able to order some stellar Cannabidiol also referred to as CBD oil.

The Gastro World Strain comes in various formats such as flower, cartridges and edibles. With a THC level above 23% Gastro World Strain has a powerful high!

Gastro World weed Strain is a hybrid strain with balanced effects that provide uplifting happy effects. The flavor has an earthy and pungent scent with sweet aftertaste. Gastro World Strain is the ideal strain to treat stress, pain relief and nausea.

Gastro World Strain is a crossbreed strain that is popular among the cannabis community. It has many positive effects, but it also has some negative effects.

Gastro World Strain is an indica and sativa cross, with the effects of both strains combined into one. Gastro World Strain has 22% THC potency, which is very high for a hybrid strain!

Gastro World Strain is a marijuana that can be used for recreational, medical and spiritual purposes. The results of using Gastro World Strain will be immediately felt and can last for up to 7 hours.

The strain benefits are uplifting effects, increased appetite, feelings of euphoria and a relaxed state of mind.

Gastro World Strain is a pure indica strain growing up to 26% THC. Grows well indoors and outdoors. Gastro World Strain is a highly recommended strain for nighttime use, as it can induce strong sedative effects. It has a sweet tropical fruit aroma with hints of skunky Kush.

Gastro World Strain is a strain that originated from Amsterdam and is known for its high THC level of up to 30%. This cannabis strain, classified as Indica, was created by crossing a variety of hybrid plants.

When consumed, Gastro World Strain gives you a heavy body sensation, hence the term “heavy indica”. It has a strong earthy aroma and can induce relaxation with the right dose.

In recent years, the cannabis community has been excited about the development of new strains that combine two or more different strains.

A mix of sativa and indica can considerably reduce the adverse effects associated with high levels of THC that come from smoking too much pure cannabis.

Gastro World weed Strain is a hybrid strain of marijuana known for its ability to induce relaxation and relieve headaches.

Gastro World weed strain is a cross of the highest quality indica and sativa strains, with THC level up to 23%. This strain has many health benefits, including: to relieving pain, reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood, and helping you sleep. The Gastro World Strain helps your gastrointestinal tract in better digestion by increasing bile secretion.

Gastro World Strain is a cannabis strain that has been shown to be effective in treating gastric issues, including but not limited to nausea and vomiting. Gastro World weed can also help with pain management, insomnia, and even the symptoms associated with cancer.

Gastro World Strain is a cross of Gastrodia Strain and World Peace. It has up to 23-27% THC and low levels of CBD. This strain is suitable for those looking to beat stress, depression and anxiety as well as promoting relaxation and inducing sleep.

Gastro World Strain is a cannabis that was developed in Israel, but it is with new genetic variations and unique characteristics. Gastro World Strain has an Indica/Sativa effect, which makes it perfect for relaxing and generating a euphoric feeling. Your mind will be clear and your body will feel relaxed, while remaining active enough to get things done.

Gastro World Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid (75% sativa, 25% indica). This strain is absolutely perfect for the afternoon, as it tends to give consumers a boost of energy and focus. Gastro World Strain may also be used to help patients with nausea, pain or inflammation.

GastroWorld is a strain that offers a balanced combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, which result in a full-bodied high. GastroWorld provides immediate pain relief and a calming sensation while leaving you feeling focused and uplifted.

This unique blend of flavor profiles makes GastroWorld ideal for creative projects, such as writing and music composition.

Gastro World Strain Indica provides a flavorful sweet aroma with a somewhat fruity taste, which would be considered an uplifting strain. It’s easy to cultivate and has no smell or pollen so it can be grown almost anywhere .

Gastro World Strain effects are clear and pronounced, starting with a mellow high that is reminiscent of a body stone, followed by sensations of tranquility, euphoria and happiness.

Gastro World Strain is a designer cannabis strain that is great for pain relief and appetite stimulation. It’s useful in reducing nausea, and has been known to help with inflammation, but also can be used for more recreational purposes such as a mood enhancer.

Gastro World WEED is known for its earthy aroma and flavor, which is often described as having an earthy or berry taste with hints of pine or diesel fuel.


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