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funnel cake strain


Funnel Cake strain.

Funnel Cake cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid consisting of the genetics of Strawberry Amnesia and Original Skunk. With a THC content around 16-29%, this strain is potent enough to provide a powerful high.

Funnel Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC content between 18 – 29%. The effects of funnel cake strain can cause feelings of euphoria, creativity and energy.

This strain is known for its medical benefits that include anxiety relief, nausea relief, PTSD treatment and increased appetite.

funnel cake strain is a hybrid strain of marijuana with a THC content that ranges from 20-28%. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison.

This strain is known for its insane amounts of THC, making it an extremely potent and euphoric option.

Funnel cake strain is a marijuana strain with a high THC content and an earthy, sweet flavor. The buds are full of crystals and the aroma is strong floral.

This strain produces an energetic high that gives you an energetic burst before settling into a heavy body sensation.

This strain is an incredibly uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid. It smells and tastes like fresh, deep-fried fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Funnel Cake has a long history of use as a bakery strain, but its effects are also uplifting and anxiety-relieving.

Funnel Cake is a landrace sativa grown in the wild of California’s Central Coast. It contains up to 19% THC, which makes it one of the top THC strains on the market.

funnel cake strain

This strain is best known for its unique smell and flavor that are derived from its terpene profile.

Funnel Cake strain is a new cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cheese. The aroma of this strain is full of fruity flavors, with hints of berry and sweet pungency.

The effects can be felt almost immediately after consumption, with a head rush that leads to strong relaxation and full body relaxation.

This relaxing feeling can give way to anxiety if used too late in the day for some people, so it’s best to use this strain in the morning or during the day!

Unfortunately, this strain will not make you feel hungry, but we wouldn’t recommend trying to eat funnel cakes while you’re high because they’re so good on the first bite but then taste likes ashes by the end anyway.

The funnel cake strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has mild to moderate effects. The mind-altering effects of this strain are known to be powerful, but not abrasive.

Funnel cake Indica side, however, can make it useful for those looking for a sedative effect. This makes it a good choice for patients suffering from conditions like glaucoma, migraines and anxiety.

funnel cake, also called cotton candy, is a popular strain that gives you a euphoric and happy high. It’s also said to help with stress, pain relief, and fatigue.

The funnel cake is a sativa dominant hybrid that provides some of the best pain relief from anxiety, depression and headaches.

The high starts with a subtle euphoria that slowly builds to a moderate body high and pleasant thoughts. Many patients report having an increase in appetite while using funnels cakes as well as relief of nausea.

funnel cake strain is the perfect Indica dominant strain to end your day. This unique blend of genetics produces a light and dank flower that is great for beginners and experienced smokers alike. It has been known to reduce nausea while providing a calm cerebral high.

The funnel cake strain cannabis is a moderately strong sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet, bready taste. It induces a potent cerebral high that can last several hours if you are new to the consumption of THC.

The effects are perceived differently depending on whether or not you have consumed funnel cake strain before.

For instance, someone who has never smelled funnel cakes strain in their life would experience more anxiety and paranoia than someone who is familiar with them.


funnel cake strain THC is a sativa dominant hybrid with a sweet, buttery, crumbly and very delicious taste.

Very popular when given in brownies or other baked goods, this strain is excellent for recreational users looking to relax but also provide some energy.

The funnel cake strain for sale is simple to grow. Get a funnel cake strain for sale online!

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The funnel cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid taken from the famous CA Exotic Kush and mixed with another well respected sativa strain.

Quality products like Coronilla ‘Red Dragon’ are available for a great price.

funnel cake strain for sale. 100% Indica Strain created from the traditional funnel cake.

100% legal strain created from the traditional funnel cake strain.

A pure bred Indica strain, funnel cake was created from an old-time favorite dessert. Now you can take the sweet flavor of funnel cake  to go.

Bring the taste of the carnival to your cannabis with the funnel cake strain. This is the go-to strain for anyone who loves the sweet and delicious flavors of a funnel cake.

The funnel cake strain is a high quality Indica from the Nevada desert.

Selling genuine, unadulterated funnel cake strain wholesale. You can depend on our stellar customer service and immediate delivery of funnel cake strain to your doorstep.

Funnel Cake strain is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Haze, two very famous strains.

This strain will make you feel like you are enjoying the delicious taste of a funnel cake strain, but without all the calories.

The funnel cake is a cross between the famed Girl Scout Cookies and Space Queen strains.

A clear, white to off-white powder with a slight vanilla odor. It is bitter, with a burning sensation and some herbal taste.

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This strain is one you will want to taste. The Funnel Cake strain is a hybrid of the sativa Ghost OG and the indica Granddaddy Purple. After taking this strain, many people like to enjoy a funnel cake. Buy Funnel Cake strain online near me

Funnel Cake strain is a high THC strain with a taste that reminds you of the fairground. It has distinctive woody, musky and sweet flavours. Funnel Cake won first place in the Indica category at the 2010 Seattle Medical Marijuana Cup.

Funnel Cake strain is a phenomenal hybrid marijuana strain with a truly unique aroma and flavor. The smell is a sweet, sugary scent that seems to call out, “Come and get me!”

The dense buds of this indica-dominant hybrid are covered in orange hairs, giving it its namesake appearance; the effects are very powerful but also extremely relaxing and calming.

The Funnel Cake strain is an excellent pain-relieving strain and one of the best to use in helping with mental fog and stress. It is a good daytime choice to be used in helping relieve nausea, body pain, stress and anxiety.

In addition to its relaxing and sleep-inducing properties, Funnel Cake provides a unique high that has been described by our customers as uplifting, energetic and euphoric. This strain can help you overcome depression or stress, leaving you feeling happy and carefree.

The Funnel Cake strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is often marketed as an Indica. These flowers have a balanced THC and CBD ratio, making them a relaxing and functional option for patients to medicate their pain and other symptoms.

The result of breeding Hells Angel OG with Chemdawg, this strain offers a sweet berry-like aroma with almost no noticeable smell prior to smoke.

Funnel Cake strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, which delivers a sweet and cheesy flavor that inspires its name.

Funnel Cake strain is an outstanding indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica / 20% sativa) that has gained a massive following for its high yield and heavy buds.

The fun never stops when you smoke this strain, mixing sweet vanilla funnel cakes with cotton candy to create a delicious dessert in your mouth.

Funnel Cake is a pure indica strain that delivers a one-of-a-kind euphoric experience. It offers users relaxation and blissful sleepiness, making it useful for those with insomnia or lack of appetite.

Many medical marijuana patients appreciate the ability of the strain to combat anxiety and depression while still allowing them to function without impairment.

Funnel Cake strain Benefits: This fun, heavy-yielding hybrid combines the tropical pineapple and mango aroma of Chem’s Sister with the half-indica, half-sativa effects of Gorilla Glue (75:25 sativa/indica ratio).

The resulting flowers have dense orange hairs and a light green color, making them easy to spot in your garden. Funnel Cake is great for beginners because of its smooth smoke — but experienced users love this strain too, especially when used as a daytime medication.

Funnel Cake strain, also known as Funky Skunk, is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with balanced THC, CBD and CBG levels. It has a total of 20% THC and 0.22% CBD. The aroma of this strain is of diesel and pine combined with sweet undertones.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between the two renowned strains, Pineapple Express and Durban Poison. It boasts a full THC content and delivers a relaxing, euphoric high that combines both physical and cerebral effects.

Funnel Cake strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with sweet and spicy flavors. This strain has a unique, texture that is fruity and earthy. It has a high potency and it can be used to treat multiple conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety and stress.

Funnel cake is one of the best strains for pain relief due to its high CBD content. You can find funnel cake at your local dispensary or shop online for easy delivery in a few days

Funnel Cake is a potent hybrid strain that delivers an uplifting and energetic high. With effects that can be both euphoric and relaxing, this strain is ideal for treating conditions such as depression, stress, PTSD, and fatigue.

Funnel Cake strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a body high with a sedating head effect, making it a good option for those needing relief from stress or depression. It has an aroma and flavor of caramel, earthy and sweet fruit.

Funnel Cake is a delightful hybrid cannabis strain that provides an excellent balance of sativa and indica effects. Its high THC level typically makes this an ideal pain reliever, sedative, and appetite stimulant.

While most users opt for Funnel Cake for its positive effects on PTSD and anxiety, this strain can also help you enjoy a more productive day at work or in school.

Funnel Cake strain is an indica-sativa hybrid that’s easy to grow and produces high yields. Its flavor is a sweet and tangy mixture of citrus, chocolate, and berry.

The THC content of Funnel Cake averages around 19-28% making this strain an excellent choice for treating conditions such as insomnia and pain.

Funnel Cake strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an energizing effect. It induces euphoria and happiness in the user, which can make it one of the best strains for treating depression. It’s also good for stimulating focus and creativity, but its high THC level means it will make you feel sleepy or couch-locked if used too late in the day.

Funnel Cake cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces a strong body high with a sweet aroma and flavor of buttery funnel cake. The effects from Funnel Cake can include relaxation, euphoria, and sedation.

Funnel Cake strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is geared towards relaxed, body-focused effects. It’s named after the famous carnival treat because it can be used as a dessert strain or a dose to help with chronic pain, nausea, and sleep disorders.

Funnel Cake strain is a Sativa. It is a 95% Indica cross between Strawberry Cheesecake and possibly Blueberry. The effects are felt almost immediately, making it perfect for newbies and those who are easily intimidated by cannabis.

Funnel Cake is a hybrid strain made from the cross between two well-known strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison. Because of its varied heritage, it has both indica (50 percent) and sativa (50 percent) effects and displays a variety of colors in the trichomes that surround its surface.

Funnel Cake strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts a powerful combination of effects. A cross between Chemdawg and Jack Herer, this strain was born to relax users and carry them through the day.

Its mellow attitude makes it a great option for daytime use, particularly among patients dealing with depression or mild stress. This strain may have a calming effect on some consumers, making it useful against nausea, but its sedative properties are strong enough to make it off limits for patients needing significant pain relief.

Funnel Cake is an aptly named strain. It’s a heavy-hitting indica that delivers a calming body buzz that leaves you feeling relaxed and giggly, so it’s perfect for treating the symptoms of depression and PTSD.

But Funnel Cake strain won’t leave you zonked, as you may get lucky (or unlucky?) enough to see things or feel like you’re in a dream state. This amazing hybrid can also be used to treat pain, insomnia and anxiety. If your hunger meter is full on after smoking Funnel Cake bud, it may be because this strain is known to increase appetite.

The Funnel Cake strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid (80% sativa / 20% indica) strain that offers medicinal users some powerful and effective therapeutic benefits.

Funnel Cake is a powerful indica strain with psychedelic, euphoric effects. It induces intense hunger, giving rise to its name. This powerful strain weighs heavy on your eyes and eases everything into a calm stroll through your mind and body.

The Funnel Cake strain is a cross of two popular strains, the ‘Shark Shock’ and a Pineapple Kush. It produces dense, round nuggets with a dark green color that are covered in sticky THC crystals. Upon smoking, this strain tends to render an energizing high that starts as a slight head buzz and eventually transitions into a heavy body relaxation.

Funnel cake strain is the indica-dominant hybrid of both Funnel and California Cookies strains, which is a cross between GSC and Flying Saucers.

The effects, which can be felt within 15 minutes of using this strain, come as a delight to very novice users as well as to experienced ones for its euphoric, uplifting and energizing properties.

Funnel Cake is one of the three strains you will find in the Hatchet brand. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that is quite potent and stems from a cross between Orange Skunk and Space Queen. This strain provides a euphoric feeling that usually lasts for about 2 hours, and has been known to help relieve stress, pain, nausea and depression.

The Funnel Cake strain is a hybrid of the two sativas Blueberry and Durban Poison, which results in a euphoric with a charming mellow experience.

The buds are thick, dense and have abundant crystals that add to the appeal of this strain. These buds have a pungent aroma and taste that may remind you of berries sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Be a kid again and enjoy that funnel cake taste with the Funnel Cake strain by Next Level Genetics. This Sativa dominant hybrid is used for its euphoric effects, and can help treat insomnia, depression, and pain.

Funnel Cake strain is a sweet, pineapple-flavored strain that has a slow onset. Within a few minutes, you will feel relaxed and euphoric without feeling sedated. Feelings of happiness and satisfaction may come on as the high sets in. Funnel Cake is used to treat depression, chronic stress, inflammation and pain relief.

Funnel Cake strain is a sativa/indica hybrid (60% sativa and 40% indica) strain that gives off the flavor of citrus and berries. It’s very popular among dispensaries because of its high quality, but also special because it can be used by patients with a range of medical needs.

Funnel Cake strain is a hybrid indica-sativa that has a potent high and calming effects. The plants are fairly easy to grow, but they can be prone to problems during flowering if not properly tended.

Funnel Cake buds have really unique lemony taste, which easily comes through thanks to the parent genetics of Lemon G and Hawaiian. This strain is good for evening use due to it’s calming effects and will leave you relaxed with a mood boost and a creative buzz.

Funnel Cake weed strain is a fruity and sweet hybrid with some of the best qualities from each of its parent strains. It crosses the nutritious and sweet sativa Durban Poison with the potent and powerful indica Kosher Kush, resulting in an amazing pastry-scented strain that is guaranteed to satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings.

Funnel Cake weed strain is a cross between Pies OG and Sunset Sherbet, two very well known strains that have been deployed in medical applications for decades.

Because of its high THC content, this strain is much more likely to be used by those who are seeking the effects of pain relief, but it also offers mild mood enhancement and stress relief. However, Funnel Cake strain can lead to dry mouth and eyes as well as hunger pains due to the Indica properties of this strain.

Funnel Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. As you might guess from the name, Funnel Cake strain features an aroma and flavor reminiscent of sugary, sweet funnel cakes.

Funnel Cake strain has a powerful body high that’s fueled by potent ratios of THC and CBD, both cannabinoids with powerful therapeutic benefit.

Funnel Cake is a hybrid strain of cannabis. Described as having an extremely strong scent that smells of sweet, caramelized sugar and butter.

Funnel Cake strain effects are generally described as being euphoric and comfortable, creating a happy and relaxed feeling in the user. The exact genetics behind this strain are unknown but it is likely bred from other popular strains like OG Kush or Bubba Kush.

Funnel Cake strain is a hybrid of the Funnel Cake strain and the Jacks Cleaner strain. It has a 20-22% THC content, making it one of the most potent strains on our site.

Funnel Cake is a popular medical marijuana strain due to its high THC content, which can be used as an appetite stimulant or for pain management.

Beginners should proceed with caution when buying this strain because of its high potency. The effects are heavy and fast acting, resulting in feelings of relaxation and euphoria throughout your body.

Some users may experience paranoia if consumed at higher doses; however, if you have anxiety issues with cannabis use these may be mitigated by Funnel Cake’s intoxicating effects. Due to its potency, Funnel Cake is recommended for those who suffer from chronic pain and severe nausea/vomiting brought about by chemotherapy treatments

Funnel Cake strain is an indica-leaning hybrid with its roots in the famed GSC genetic line. It’s a beautifully balanced hybrid, designed to hit all day long. Funnel Cake’s aroma of earthy, skunky notes make for a very pleasant experience, one that is followed by a sweet and smooth flavor on the exhale with hints of mint and berries throughout.

As you exhale deeper into your session, you’ll feel everything from your mind to your body start to relax as Funnel Cake’s lovely effects begin to kick in.

Funnel Cake is a strain that is known to get its name from its resemblance to the carnival sweet. It’s a powerful hybrid made up of 2 hit-and-miss hybrids; Durban Poison and OG Kush.

It is a mostly indica plant so it’s great for relaxation, stress relief, and sleep but still packs a punch that can make it hard to sleep sometimes.

Funnel Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was bred by 3rd Dimension Seeds. Its parent strains are Chocolope and Grape Stomper, and it produces a heavy, deeply sedating high that may be best for nighttime use due to its potent effects.

Funnel Cake weed has a distinct floral and grape aroma with notes of sweetness from the Chocolope parent and earthy tones from the Grape Stomper lineage.

This strain shares some similarities with Girl Scout Cookies, yet it has a faster flowering time and less THC content than its sweet-tasting relative. This would be a great evening strain to medicate with if you’re looking for relief from pain or insomnia without being overly sleepy during the day.”



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