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Egyptian kush


Egyptian kush.

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Egyptian Kush is a hybrid strain of cannabis found primarily in Israel and the Middle East. The strain boasts a classic Kush aroma and is known for its mild, relaxing effects.

The Egyptian Kush is a legendary indica strain. A cross of the Hindu Kush and Skunk, it carries powerful indica genetics, and has gained recognition from cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. Its earthy aroma is familiar with a pine-like undertone, making it exceptional for pain relief and relaxation.

Egyptian kush is a high-yielding strain which produces resinous buds with a sweet, citrus flavor and tropical, fruity perfume. It is a cross between Hindu Kush and OG Kush, grown in Holland by Grass-O-Matic Seeds.

Egyptian Kush is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that can only be described as tropical, thanks to its dominant Hawaiian genetics. Bred by Cali Connection, this strain produces dense, heavy colas and is a favorite among medical patients dealing with chronic pain, headaches and insomnia.

The Kush is a highly potent hybrid of Indica and Sativa that is known for its dense buds, sweet earthy flavor and balanced high. This marijuana strain is native to the Hindu Kush mountain range where it was discovered in 1833.

Egyptian kush is a strain of cannabis that has been gaining popularity for its effects. This potent strain is known to have a relaxing effect on its users. The best place to buy Egyptian Kush strains is at our online store where you can purchase it in different quantities

Buy Egyptian kush online to get the best CBD strain for your needs. Our high-quality, affordable CBD oil is available in different concentrations and can be delivered to your home by mail order.

The scent of Egyptian kush has a distinct sweet and citrus aroma that can be detected from several feet away. Its buds are light green in color with a thick layer of trichomes, which gives it its signature frosted appearance. The high is euphoric and long-lasting, inducing a relaxed state of mind after use.

Egyptian kush is an indica dominant hybrid with a powerful THC content, containing up to 30% of the psychoactive. It is characterized by a large tree-like structure, dark leaves and large orange pistils. This is a highly sought after strain that is ideal for treating pain and stress relief

Egyptian kush is an indica strain. A strong and pure indica, it can put you to sleep and relieve pain. This weed was grown in the Sinai desert and is a cross of Skunk, Northern Lights and Afghani. Almost 90% of its genetics come from a landrace Kush strain discovered during an archeological dig.

shatter, wax, crumble or live resin are the most common forms of cannabis available today. These concentrates are formed by extracting resin from the plant matter with a solvent. Shatter is particularly popular because of its dense texture and high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids.

Egyptian kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that originates from Haze and Kush varieties.

Egyptian kush is sativa-dominant hybrid strain. The aroma of the buds is dreamy, spicy and sweet with some fruitiness to it as well. The taste is light and fruity with a little bit of spice to it.

The effects are uplifting and euphoric while also providing a substantial body high. Its medical uses include pain relief and insomnia.

Egyptian kush is an indica strain of marijuana. Its effects include: Dry eyes, Dry mouth, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Euphoria

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Egypt Goo is a cross of G-13 and Purple Kush. It has classic kush flavors with a hint of earthy tones. This hybrid offers an intense stone that gradually creeps up on you, leaving a relaxed body high in its wake.”

Egyptian kush is an indica-dominant cross between a landrace Afghani and the Hindu Kush. It is a potent strain with highly relaxing body effects that can make it difficult to move or do anything productive, but at the same time make you feel extremely relaxed and happy.

Kush buds often smell like earth or musk and have a pungent taste with strong earthy undertones. It is a great option for treating chronic pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss and nausea.

Egyptian Kush

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Buy Egyptian Kush online. This strain is popular for its fast growth, high yields and low phenotypic variation between plants. The high resin content of this strain gives it an earthy citrus aftertaste and smell.

Egyptian kush is a beautiful strain of marijuana which is a hybrid of pure sativa and pure indica. It has an intense, sweet, piney aroma with hints of wood and incense.

The flavour is full-bodied with mildly sweet tinges throughout. It tends to produce a high that is cerebral in nature initially, but eventually settles into a pleasantly clear-headed state.

Egyptian kush is a hybrid strain created by mixing the parent strains, Kush and the famed Afghan. It is a powerful indica that produces big, beautiful and sticky buds. These light green buds are similar in size to popcorn when cured properly.

They have huge calyxes and thick oily trichomes oozing from all over their surface as well as an intoxicating aroma of pine and lemon with a hint of skunk.

This indica dominant strain can induce feelings of euphoria and heavy relaxation that make it great for treating chronic pain, nausea, depression, stress, insomnia and appetite loss.”

Egyptian kush is one of known strains in the world. It contains very high THC (28%) and CBN content. The side effects are very different from other strains due to this high content.

People using it will experience dry eye, dizziness, dryness in nose and mouth, in addition to problems in lungs such as coughing.

The original and purest indica of all time, the Egyptian Kush is a cross of the two landraces that were cultivated in Egypt and Southwest Asia. The war-torn Kush region bred this strain with genetics from the Hindu Kush to produce this legendary strain.

The plants are quite bushy with long internodal distance, which allows them to grow thoroughly before flowering. This is a very limber sativa-dominant hybrid that will be more productive than you expect if you grow it indoors in your grow room or greenhouse.

This plant does well in both soil and hydroponic setups and goes for about 8 to 10 weeks indoors at the end of which you’ll get large, dense buds covered with trichomes that are smelly during drying but mellow when cured: In other words – good medicine!


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