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Double Whammy strain


Double Whammy strain.


Double Whammy Strain is a sativa strain with both indica and sativa qualities. It has been bred to be a powerful allpurpose strain that delivers a strong, clear high with a mental buzz.

The flavor of Whammy is very spicy and woody, but with a sweet aftertaste. Its effects can help users overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, or sadness while providing uplifting energy and motivation.

Double Whammy strain has been engineered to help combat pain, stress and anxiety. The high CBD content is perfect for those who have used cannabis to deal with pain or conditions like epilepsy or cancer.

The indica dominant nature of this strain helps alleviate depression and dispels nausea, stress and anxiety. This strain also has a high THC content which will ensure that you get the desired effect from it

Double Whammy is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s a cross between Durban Poison X Cherry Pie. Its genetic background is 80% South African sativa and 20% indica.

Double Whammy strain

Double Whammy strain has a complex, aromatic bouquet and induces an instantly uplifting full-body sensation that quickly evolves into an intense cerebral euphoria that lasts for two to four hours, then tapers off gradually.

This strain has few notable side effects other than dry mouth and reddening of the eyes for some users in larger doses.

Don’t let the name of this highly potent strain fool you. While it is a double whammy, the cannabis consumers won’t be overwhelmed by the combination of its sativa THC and indica effects.

Its creative, energized nature combines with a mellow body high to provide users with an uplifting, functional experience.

Double Whammy strain is a very potent sativa strain. You probably recognize the name due to its potency.

This strain provides an uplifting and energetic mental effect that also will seem to make users feel as though they have just been “hit” in the face by a baseball bat.

Double Whammy strain gets its name from its extremely high THC levels – between 18% and 23%.

It has some pretty heavy indica genetics, so there will be some couchlock thrown into the mix but this is more than made up for by the strong head effects that Double Whammy strain provides – particularly when used in moderation by experienced users.

Your body and mind are two different things. You can’t just get high without feeling anxious or paranoid.

You should smoke Double Whammy strain to mitigate the side effects of THC in your body and keep yourself grounded.

Double Whammy strain is a Sativa dominant cannabis variety that goes by a myriad of other names: Double Whammy strain, Double Trouble and Double Bubble.

This strain’s name can be traced back to its ability to produce double the effects one would expect from a single strain, like increased pain relief, mental clarity and euphoria.

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Double Whammy strain (or Double Whammy marijuana) is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the genetics of two hybrids: California Orange and NYC Diesel.

The buds are light green in color and produce a dank aroma with a hint of citrus. When consumed, patients can expect to feel uplifted and energetic for hours on end.

Double Whammy is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a sweet flavor and piney aroma. A cross between the popular Trainwreck plant and a Jock Horror cross, Double Whammy strain offers high levels of THC.

It is used for pain relief and for patients who suffer from muscle spasms in the body. It relieves insomnia, stress and depression when used at nighttime.

Double Whammy strain is a strain that has been known for its uplifting and balanced effects. It is a hybrid strain with up to 22% THC and 1% CBD.

The terpenes in this strain are mainly lemon, pine and peppermint. This sativa-dominant strain is great for treating ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, fatigue, muscle spasms and more.

The Double Whammy strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that offers a potent and balanced cerebral high. This strain is best enjoyed as a daytime medication, offering a clear-headed yet uplifting high that helps patients focus.

It provides significant energy boosts as well as pain relief, helping to relieve body aches and headaches while leaving users uplifted and focused.

The perfect strain for those who suffer from anxiety or PTSD, the Double Whammy strain can help users remain calm and relaxed throughout the day.

A lighter hybrid, this strain has lower levels of THC than some other hybrids but will still leave you feeling euphoric, uplifted and happy.

Double Whammy weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Chemdawg D with Jack the Ripper. This high-THC strain delivers an uplifting mental boost along with an energetic physical surge that lasts for hours.

There’s a sweet berry flavor to the buds, which may cause cottonmouth initially. In one clinical trial, it was found to treat chronic pain in cancer patients and reduce anxiety symptoms.

Double Whammy strain is a 100% sativa strain bred by cannabis geneticists for the benefit of patients who need a high dose of THC to offset their symptoms.

The strain was designed to provide immediacy, being fully psychoactive immediately upon administration. Double Whammy strain gives the patient relief from their symptoms while also increasing their appetite and relaxing their muscles.

Double Whammy strain is a 65% sativa hybrid cannabis strain. This marijuana variety has earned its name due to the fact that it delivers two major effects at once: happy mood and relaxed muscles.

Double Whammy strain helps relieve stress, pain, body spasms and depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. This strain is a cross between Jack Herer and Trainwreck.

Double Whammy cannabis is a cross between the sour-tasting Sour Diesel and fruity Hawaiian Sativa. This strain is a delight for taste buds, with flavors of sour fruit, sugared grapefruit rind and tropical pineapple. Its effects are …

Double Whammy strain is a cannabis strain from the Netherlands. This marijuana strain was bred from the original White Widow and Northern Lights #5, 2 of the most sought-after strains in the world.

Double Whammy’s cannabis seeds are incredibly popular for their sweet, fruity aroma that emits from every nook and cranny of this amazing weed plant.

Enjoy its combination of euphoric head highs punctuated by long-lasting body relaxation – it’s never too late to hit some Double Whammy strain!

Double Whammy strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that has the perfect balance between body effects and cerebral effects.

This strain gives you the energy to focus on your work while reducing muscle tension and stress, leaving you with a clean and clear mind.

Double Whammy strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created either by breeding Cannatonic and Double Bubble or with the assistance of cutting a Blue Dream and Double Purple Doja.

This hybrid strain has a THC level of 19% and is notable for its pungent floral aroma. While this strain may be difficult to grow due to its heavy yields and time consuming flowering process, some growers have managed to harvest up to one pound per plant.

Double Whammy strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. It can offer users a little bit of everything, with it’s uplifting and invigorating effects offering a boost of energy, while the relaxing body stone provides some pain relief and stress relief, making it a perfect choice for winding down your day.

Double Whammy strain is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain of unknown origins. The Double Whammy strain is thought to be a cross between the famous Blue Dream and Sour Diesel strains.

With its reported 18-21% THC content, it is almost entirely composed of the psychoactive cannabinoid delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for its potent effects.

The Double Whammy strain is a Sativa dominant strain that offers a delicious berry flavor and aroma. It looks like a gorgeous, colorful forest green and has some amazing effects.

The Double Whammy strain was developed from Blue Dream, Green Crack, and Sour Diesel strains. This hybrid has similar effects to that of the Blue Dream strain; however, it is much more potent and will offer users a euphoric experience.

The Double Whammy strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between two famous strains: Blueberry and Romulan. This strain has an uplifting and energetic effect, as well as an intense happy high.

It’s overwhelmingly euphoric with plenty of giggles and energy, while feeling relaxed at the same time. This can be helpful for treating depression, stress and fatigue, although be prepared to pay more than average due to its high popularity.

Double Whammy strain is a hybrid cannabis strain. It features an average THC content of 19%. This high-potency strain known as Double Whammy offers both pain-relieving and relaxing effects, making it ideal for patients dealing with both depression and anxiety.

The heavy indica influence in this hybrid results in a “couch-lock” effect that is ideal for relaxation and sleep aid. This useful strain can also help patients struggling with insomnia or reduce muscle spasms associated with conditions like multiple sclerosis.

The Double Whammy strain represents a joint effort by the breeders at DNA Genetics. It’s a cross between an early 90s Skunk and a mother Lowryder.

It produces dense, resinous buds with a distinct aroma that includes overtones of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine. The effects are leaning toward stimulation without being too heady — perfect for anxiety, stress and depression.

Double Whammy strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It is a favorite among patients suffering from depression, stress, and chronic pain.

The sweet and spicy aroma of Double Whammy strain provides an uplifting mood while still allowing you to feel relaxed. With incredibly potent medicinal effects and a low THC level, this strain is perfect for anyone seeking the benefits of marijuana without any of the unwanted effects.

Double Whammy is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain, with the genetics of Trainwreck. Its lineage is ideal for beginners and veteran cannabis users as it provides a cerebral high that won’t overwhelm. Double Whammy is great for treating insomnia, depression, nausea and pain.

Double Whammy is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the insanely popular G13 Haze strain with a premium phenotype of OG Kush.

These dense buds are light green, with tight orange hairs and a sweet, earthy pine aroma. They’re energizing and uplifting, perfect for morning or afternoon use.

The mellow effects of Double Whammy strain are often described as being focused, clear-headed and euphoric without feeling tired or foggy. This bud has a 30:70 THC to CBD ratio that provides strong medicinal benefits without being too stoney.

Double Whammy strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid crossing between THC Dank and Sour Tangie. This strain produces an uplifting, cerebral high that is excellent for treating depression and pain.

The THC content of this strain ranges from 14-19% making it an appropriate choice for experienced smokers looking for effective treatment with minimal anxiety often associated with higher THC strains. Double Whammy’s flavor is reminiscent of sour kush with rich notes of pine and lemon.

Double Whammy strain is a high-THC strain that produces a strong euphoric effect in consumers. This powerful sativa-dominant hybrid has a THC content of 25 percent and a CBD content of 0.1 percent. For reference, the average joint contains around 14 percent THC. The strain’s name is derived from its two-pronged effects:

The physical body buzz will be followed by an equally potent mental high that may induce feelings of euphoria and happiness. Beginners should proceed with caution, as this strain can cause anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks and dizziness if used too much or too often.

Double Whammy strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. It typically has some surprisingly potent effects. The Sativa heritage of this strain makes it a favorite amongst patients needing to increase their energy and creativity. Effects often include heightened mood and euphoria, followed by an elevation in energy levels.

In addition to these uplifting effects, many users report feeling an increased sense of focus and creativity, making this a great choice for daytime activities such as socializing or working.

Double Whammy strain is a sativa-dominant strain with a sweet yet earthy and spicy aroma. It calms the mind while energizing the body, making it ideal for daytime use. Patients looking to alleviate pain or nausea use Double Whammy to help them get through their day.

Double Whammy strain is a hybrid strain that offers consumers a perfect balance of sativa and indica. This strain offers consumers a full-body experience, but also manages to give them energy, creativity and focus. While it can take some time to feel the full effects of this strain, it is well worth the wait.

Double Whammy strain is a hybrid strain created through crossing the Super Skunk and White Widow strains. A powerful combination of genetics, this strain delivers both an uplifting cerebral high and an intense body buzz.

The strain’s effect is accompanied by a pleasant citrus flavor that stays on the palate even after exhaling. It has an Indica to Sativa ratio of 50:50, and its THC levels are higher than 20%.

Double Whammy Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid with an 80% THC content. Its THC content makes it effective for easing neurological and mood disorders. The happy, carefree nature of this strain make it great for use in social settings.

Double Whammy strain is a Sativa dominant strain with a 20% THC level. It took first place in the 2012 Colorado Medical Cannabis Cup, and has also been named High Times magazine’s “Best Strain on Earth” multiple times.

This mostly-indica hybrid offers an uplifting cerebral euphoria that can be both relaxing and energetic at the same time.

Double Whammy strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that crosses the infamous Giggle Stick with classic dwarf plants.

Its flavorful terpene profile, powerful body high and ability to ease anxiety make it an ideal choice for patients treating stress, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and fatigue.

Double Whammy strain is a strain with high THC levels, and transitions between a sativa and indica effect.

Its effects are uplifting during the onset and ultimately provide a euphoric sensation. It has a sweet aroma of citrus, berry and earthy flavors.

The Double Whammy strain was created by crossing two popular strains, Chemdawg and Sour Diesel. This strain has the fast-acting effects of a sativa, but it will leave you coming up from deep inside your body.

Double Whammy strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain, created after crossing Whammy Neville and Double Diesel. This strain has a THC level that ranges between 20% and 22%, with a CBD level of below 1%.

In its effect profile, Double Whammy strain is known to be uplifting and cheerful, while at the same time being deeply relaxing and calming.

By combining these two effects on the mind, body, and spirit this strain makes for easygoing use during the day with enough potency to allow for relief from common daily aches and pains without causing sedative couchlock effects.

The Double Whammy strain is a hybrid of two strains, Red Dragon and California Orange. It is known to be very strong and a powerful euphoric high.

The strain has been known to help with both anxiety and depression as well as pain relief. The strain is recommended for those who want full body relaxation and sedation.


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