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Do Si Dos Strain is an Indica-predominant crossover, what shares a ton of its most desirable characteristics the incredibly famous Young lady Scout Treats (GSC) strain.

You will perceive the bud structure, the trichomes, and the hairs that cover GSC when you check out at its kid, Do Si dos. The flavor is presumably the main piece of this strain, which it certainly acquired from GSC.

This makes it an ideal strain to get your dependable bloom vaporizer out for. Appreciate both Indica and Sativa impacts as you unwind and feel euphoric simultaneously.


This is where this strain truly succeeds. Assuming you have a ton of familiarity with weed, you will realize that OG Kush is frequently utilized for its incredibly high THC rate.

To this end numerous raisers use it or potentially its THC-weighty family members to make a dankenstein. Do Si dos strain is the same.

The typical adjusted half and half has around 13% THC, while the typical Do Si do strain has an incredible 24% THC levels.

The more grounded aggregates can once in a while test at 30%, which is among the most elevated THC rates accessible in buds.

Since it has become so obvious this, kindly activity alert on the off chance that you’re a moderately new stoner.

This strain can really take your breath away

Do Si Dos strain Seeds

Reproduced through joining the notorious Young lady Scout Treats with Go head to head OG, Do Si Dos is power loaded with THC and frequently dribbling with pitch.

Highs can be pretty much as high as weed can get and the lows will usher anybody off to rest.

Munchie-instigating, euphoric and unwinding, this is an incredible restorative too. Simple to develop, this plant can create as much as 500 grams for each with a tiny bit of care and consideration.

She prefers additional sides of calcium and magnesium to benefit from and thrives in an Ocean of Green (SOG).

These seeds have additionally been feminized for added growability and are accessible internet based through Weed Seeds, your American marijuana seed merchant.


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